Of what makes Semolina

Of what makes Semolina


  • 1 Semolina industry
  • 2 cultivation of hard wheat
  • 3 essential nutrients in Semolina
  • 4 References

Semolina industry

Semolina is made from hard wheat ground purified, which is used to make pasta, and uses coarse semolina in the breakfast cereals industry, sweets puddings, and Albullenta, [1] It contains Semolina gluten, which makes it unsafe for those suffering from wheat allergy disease, or gluten sensitivity, [2] It also owns a relatively coarse semolina texture and sweet flavor, and has a short period of storage to some extent due to the high proportion of the protein; So it can be stored in the refrigerator to prevent damaged, and are advised to store the stovetop in the freezer to keep it indefinitely. [3]

Hard wheat cultivation

Hard wheat is grown in climates semi-arid areas, such as areas of Central Europe, North Africa, and the vast plains in North America, and the Middle East, one of the world's most important crops; As the size, hardness, golden yellow color that characterizes his seed to make it suitable for the manufacture of a variety and distinctive food products, such as pasta, which is the final product the most common of hard wheat, which is consumed in Europe, North America, and the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, and Couscous, which consumed mainly in North Africa, and is bulgur and Alfrickp products common hard wheat also, as flour can use hard wheat in bread production, especially in Europe and the Middle East, and is a made bread of hard wheat and bulgur part of the main diet in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Turkey. [4]

Essential nutrients in Semolina

Semolina has a low amount of fat, where one serving contains Semolina about half a gram of fat, and share stovetop also about 5.3 grams contain protein that feeds the muscles and skin, but for the amount of calories, Faihtoa quarter cup of dry semolina on about 150 calories, which constitutes 10% of the daily consumption of energy in a component of 1500 calories diet, or 8% of a component of the 2000 diet calories, and comes most of these calories from carbohydrates that are found in the stovetop. [ 2]


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