Of the most important reasons for divorce

Of the most important reasons for divorce


  • 1 Divorce
  • 2 reasons for divorce 2.1 treason 2.2 ill-treatment 2.3 Financial conditions 2.4 mismatch in the special relationship 2.5 boredom
  • 2.1 treason
  • 2.2 ill-treatment
  • 2.3 Financial conditions
  • 2.4 mismatch in the special relationship
  • 2.5 International


Began the religion of Islam for Muslims divorce, God made him hated him muslim; Termination of some family problems growing between the spouses and reduce the psychological harm reality on both sides, when it is impossible to complete the marital peace relationship, opted man or woman to seek separation after years of suffering with a partner to a lack of familiarity or compassion or understanding between the presence or absence of children, thinking of them the problem will be solved in this way that may generate greater hell after separation from what leave psychological and social effects on both of them and on their children, especially in Arab societies. The decision to divorce is not easy for the parties; It takes a long period of thinking both to end a serious covenant between them for one reason or the accumulation of a number of reasons we mention the most important are as follows:

The grounds for divorce


Whether by the husband or the wife, one of the first and foremost reasons for the decision to divorce; As the marriage must be based on the rules of loyalty and sincerity of the parties until last and continues quietly, if there was betrayal of one of the parties shook the basis of the house and lost his balance, and there is a lack of confidence and income uncertainty in the relationship, to evolve into a larger conflict occurs, end the relationship completely and kill and be doomed to divorce inevitable .


Since the Islamic religion began marriage to achieve peace and tranquility and affection between the spouses on the basis of compassion, respect and mutual recognition; If one offers a couple of mishandling or belittling or physical harm or psychological from the other beating or demonized verbal repeatedly, it generates a crack difficult restored and enters the damaged state of depression, hatred, frustration and hatred, so then divorce is the solution to end the suffering.

Financial conditions

Incompatibility in the special relationship

One of the factors that disturb one or both parties and threaten the continuation of the marital relationship, so we must treat the reasons why one or both estranged from the other, or has no desire to exercise special relationship.


It is one of the most common reasons for the completion of a divorce; Especially after a long passage of years to get married, where it enters the routine and repetition in the atmosphere of married life and non-existent renewal or change inside, which generates a feeling of boredom and monotony can lead to divorce, so it is necessary to make a renewal by the couple to keep loving time and longing and yearning between them.


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