Of the foundations of the World Cup

Of the foundations of the World Cup


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  • 2 About the life of Jules Rimet
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Jules Rimet

The Jules Rimet founder of the World Cup football, [1] which is a tournament held every four years, and determines which world champion in the sport, which is most likely sporting event world's most popular, which reaps billions of viewers on television in every tournament , [2] has inspired Rimet idea of ​​creating a world Cup of the success of the Olympic Football tournament, which was the driving force for the start of the world Cup in 1930, and his aim was the basic of that convergence between countries through sport, and the first world war led to the strengthening of its determination to so. [3]

About the life of Jules Rimet

Jules Rimet was born on the fourteenth of the month of October of 1873, and his father owns a grocery shop modest Theola to Avonkurt in Haute-Saone province in Franche Comte eastern France, as a result of strict education Jules Rimet won a scholarship to continue his studies in Paris and get a law degree. [1]

After Rimet finished his work for a lawyer in the stock market area in the French capital, then worked in the month of March in 1897 along with a group of his friends comparable to him to think, and who did not exceed the age of 24 on the founding of the Red Star Club, this was a club that is still is present to this day one of the first ball sports organizations headed by Rimet which pushed its success in which to do more. [1]

Organization FIFA was founded in Paris in the same date of the month of May 1904, and although Rimet did not actually participate in the founding of the organization but his enthusiasm has increased the emergence of this organization in his city, and within a few years, had Rimit effective role in the establishment of the Association of the Union Football in 1910, which is the first national union in France, which ultimately led to the founding of the French Football Federation in 1919. [1]

Was chosen Rimet as president of the Federation of French football in the seventh month of April 1919, and in one of the month of March 1921, he became Rimet President of the International Football Federation (FIFA), the successor to the late Daniel Byerly Olval, and in 1926 Rimet succeeded in developing a special committee to study the possibility of holding a world championship. [1]

The first tournament for the World Cup

It was held the first football tournament for the Cup in 1930 in Uruguay organizes the International Football Federation (FIFA), and remained the tournament held every four years since then, except during World War II, [2] Because of the difficulty of traveling the number of countries were participating in the first tournament thirteen countries, including only four European countries are: France, Belgium, Romania, Yugoslavia, and got the final match at the Centenario Stadium between Argentina and Uruguay and Uruguay won 4-2. [4]


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