Obstacles to educational planning

Obstacles to educational planning


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Educational Planning

The term educational planning refers to the process or administrative activity that is used in the educational field, in particular, targeting teachers, class, students, curriculum, facilities, school and university, which aims directly to the attention of various educational stages, starting from the early stages of transition to primary school and junior high , secondary and Gamaah.oaaraf general sense that a common understanding of the vision of educational organization, so taken advantage of the views of workers in this field to develop a vision of what will be the educational process in the future, and identifies the long, medium and short-term targets, and monitors the most important ways and measures to implement, then it allocates resources available for immediate action according to the priorities, identifies the responsibilities that rests with the curriculum designers, supervisors, teachers and students, and then the whole evaluation process to work, and provides feedback after taking the measures necessary for educational work and reforms. There are many obstacles that disturb this process and stands Hailh without achieving the goals that have been planned, and without the implementation of the status of perceptions, the following will mention most notably. [1]

Obstacles to educational planning

It is planning the educational constraints include: [2]

  • Special obstacles to planning education: where linked to the process of planning, as one of the complex processes that need a deep understanding of the internal environment in the educational institution, and the external environment surrounding and affecting them, and the difficulty of predicting future changes that may change if the educational process, and the inability to determine the functional and professional needs, and the weakness of the ability to adjust the size of the inventory and job vacancies.
  • Obstacles in the school curricula: The weakness curriculum, and the inability to achieve educational goals, and the accumulation of information that increases the need for conservation, and forcing teachers to use traditional methods of teaching based on memorization and narrative, as well as containing some of the curriculum errors in information, spelling and drafting.
  • Obstacles to persons engaged in the planning: The lack of belief in the importance of the work they do, and the weak results that are expected to come out, and the weakness of the experience they have.

The most important obstacles to educational planning

One of the main obstacles to educational planning can be summarized as follows: [3]

  • Administrative Makoqat: is the inability to make good decisions in a timely manner, extreme centralization in the planning and management process, and the lack of horizon and look forward to things.
  • Regulatory constraints: the lack of a system of control and follow-up is able to follow up a solid educational planning process and supervision, monitoring of errors, and put Altsihihh solutions and calendar.
  • Society: which is one of the aspects that hinder this side sometimes, where society's perception of the educational process affect this aspect, as the media plays an important role in this regard.
  • Political obstacles: which is the lack of political stability, governance and owes in the country, where fighting dictatorships modern educational planning, which aims to arbitration the mind and increase the horizon of thinking, and curriculum development.


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