Obesity and how to get rid of them

Obesity and how to get rid of them


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The nature of the life we ​​live at the present time no longer allows many of us to exercise sport and commitment, in addition to the frequent use of electric cars, elevators, and the practice of some eating habits, eating meals and daily rations in non-time, and not they contain beneficial to the health of nutrients the body, all these reasons have made obesity risk is spreading rapidly among all age groups, also made the vast majority of obese people dreaming decrease their weight, and possessing body lithe and beautiful, though, each problem with a solution, and there are several ways to lose weight and reach the ideal weight desired, but this process is not simple and require determination and the will and patience. [1]

How to get rid of obesity

To get rid of obesity follow the following methods: [2]

  • Drink water: through the use of water in the weight loss process, Fsharb suitable quantities of it helps the body to carry out all vital processes, so it is advisable to drink two cups of cold water, because it helps to burn fat and dissolved.
  • Eat foods rich in fiber: It is found in fruits and vegetables are great, apples, radish, cabbage, cucumber, as it is considered this very beneficial to the health of the body fiber, it helps in the digestion process, and reduce the proportion of bad cholesterol in the blood, and prevent the occurrence of constipation in person, a foods are recommended taking them frequently to ease the weight they are mass manufactured in the stomach, and thus gives the person a feeling of fullness for longer periods, and prevent him from excessive eating more food.
  • Adequate sleep: is important for weight loss, lack of sleep enough for long hours working to stimulate the secretion of the hormone causes the feeling of hunger and pushes to eat more food, so it is advisable to sleep for about eight hours on a daily basis.

other ways

Here are more ways that help to get rid of obesity: [3]

  • Attention to breakfast and not be neglected: many of us by virtue of his work and his preoccupation neglected meal believing breakfast it is important, and some believe it is a good way to lose weight, but all of these beliefs is wrong and not unfounded, it is very necessary to eat breakfast early in the morning, they give a feeling of fullness when the ingredients are rich in protein, and in turn maintain muscle mass, also stimulates fat burning process.
  • Use apple cider vinegar: so because of its beneficial properties are working to burn body fat fast, where they are dealt with in several ways, it is possible to add a teaspoon of it on a glass of water and drink it after eating large meals, or you can add a little of it on the different types of authorities .


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