Obesity and disposal methods

Obesity and disposal methods


  • 1 Obesity
  • 2 ways to get rid of obesity 2.1 Natural recipes 2.2 Exercise
  • 2.1 Natural recipes
  • 2.2 Exercise
  • 3 tips to get rid of obesity


Obesity is the age problems experienced by various individuals of all ages, due to several reasons may be genetic or pathological, or acquired from unhealthy habits, which change the outer shape of the body, increasing the sense of anxiety, dissatisfaction, and there are many ways to treat obesity and disposal, whether through natural recipes, or aerobic exercise, and this is what we will talk about in this article.

Ways to get rid of obesity

Natural recipes

  • Recipe green tea: Put a teaspoon of green tea in the water on the fire, and add a teaspoon of ginger, pomegranate peel, and a little mint, then mix the ingredients well, and let the mixture on fire to boil, then eat a cup of it three times a day.
  • Recipe chamomile and thyme: put two tablespoons of Alballnj in the water on the fire, then add two tablespoons of rosemary, small and two tablespoons of thyme, and then blending the ingredients well, and left even boil a little, and then eat a cup of it in the morning on an empty stomach, and Cuba is the last before sleep .
  • Recipe pomegranate peel honey: mixed peel, dried little pomegranate honey, and then machined to the shape of the dough, put it in strawberries, and then taken up in the morning on an empty stomach during the last three days of the session, and during the last twenty days of mortality.
  • Recipe lemon or white vinegar: so by eating two tablespoons of white vinegar or lemon juice on an empty stomach.


  • Exercise belly: so sleep on the back, then bend your knees and put your hands synaptic behind the head, and then promoting the use of the abdominal muscles, until the head touches the knee area, and repeat the exercise ten times.
  • Exercise Ball: by placing the ball on the ground, then stand behind it, bending at right angles to take the ball, then stand up, lifting the ball up, and thirty times to repeat the exercise.
  • Exercise pivot: through building on one foot, then the other foot lift aside, extending the arms with constipation ball, so that the body is taking character y opposite.
  • Exercise bending: by standing on the outskirts Alotaba, then bend your knees while keeping the back straight, raise your hands up, and then stand up and repeat the exercise.

Tips to get rid of obesity

  • Avoid drinking carbonated beverages.
  • Avoid eating fried foods; Because it contains a large amount of oil.
  • Avoid eating Alotmh containing a large amount of carbohydrates; Such as rice, pasta, and sugars.
  • Exercise regularly and daily.
  • Eat foods rich in fiber for its role in increasing the sense of fullness.
  • Replace the use of the lifts rise of the stairs.
  • Avoid eating dried fruit.


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