Oath of divorce

Oath of divorce


Divorce is known as the language of the vacuum and the transmission, and is termed the marriage contract or part of a solution. Divorce is known in all religions and cultures of the world, the couple's separation from each other, according to the religion that condemn it, and after following the formal procedures and special legal state, according to the teachings, it may be a divorce caused by agreement of the parties and their desire to end the marriage or have obtained as a result of the will of one of them.

Although the divorce is known to all religions, but it does not exist with the Catholic followers of the Church. In 1534 the king of England, Henry II asked for a divorce from Catherine of Aragon, but the pope license refused this divorce following the orders of the Catholic Church, and this led to the founding of the Anglican Church.

Divorce in Islam

Select the Quran twice as temporary divorce, where the husband can restore his wife during the waiting period, which is equal to three months, it has identified this period of three months, to ensure that pregnancy. Almighty: )tlaq twice Vamsak good, or layoffs in truth it is not permissible for you to take your Ateetmohn which said nothing but Akhava not forge a limits of God, the interpretation of the limits of God is not forge a stand on them with those Avcdt by the limits of Allah do not transgress them and go beyond the limits of Allah then these are the unjust ) {Al-Baqarah: 229}.

If you divorced her third time that the wife can not go back to her husband unless she married another man, and with the intention to stay with him and if he divorce again from the new spouse, may the old husband returned his wife, a marriage contract and a new dowry.

Types of divorce

There are types of divorce, SQ have a divorce deprives the wife forever, and from him to be temporary, some divorce disappears the demise of inhibitor, and the types of divorce are:

  • Final divorce Baynunah junior: is that the divorce once, by uttering any word from the words of divorce, for one time only, and the man may retrieve his wife without a dowry or contract or witnesses if you were not have completed the kit, a full three months, and if it exceeds period of time - three months - is not entitled to be returned, divorce and turns into a divorce revocable major Baynunah.
  • Divorce revocable major Baynunah: a divorce that happens when the man called his wife three shots at different times, or be fired one shot, and several ends before the wife returned.
  • Dislocation: is divorce by the wife agreement and the husband to end the marriage in exchange for the wife pay for her husband, and may be payment by women waive all or part of the dowry, which was agreed upon in the marriage contract, and although the divorce, however, the man in Islamic law only the divorce came as a woman to get rid of the husband unjust.
  • Divorce Judge: is the case by the judge to divorce the wife of her husband, and occur in several cases, including the absent spouse have no known effect or fate, and in the case of abandonment of the husband to his wife for a long time without her or her divorce.


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