New equipment Baby

New equipment Baby


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Baby diapers

Newborn baby needs diapers several times parts, taking into account the choice of a good kind of diaper, because the child at this stage will need between four to six diapers a day, and how to prepare for a baby diaper bag are as follows: [1]

  • An adequate number of diapers.
  • Provide a special diaper cream.
  • Put wet wipes especially for children.
  • An additional parts for baby clothes, including a hat for the child.
  • Provide a bag or bags to put dirty diapers.

Bathing accessories

The child needs a week or two weeks until the umbilical cord falls and heal the area, therefore, should be treated with caution when bathing, showering the equipment necessary processing for the newborn are: [1]

  • Bathtub or a plastic tub.
  • Number of soft cotton towels.
  • A large towel.
  • Children shampoo.
  • Mild soap.
  • Plastic cup to wash the child's body.

Baby Clothing

It is measured by the size of children's clothes usually according to the child's age, but the measurements are different brands variety, for example, can fit underwear measuring 3 to 6 months for a child four months of age of a certain brand, while can not is aligned the same clothes from the same measurement of other brand , therefore, prefer to search for clothes in which weight measurements are available, or length to help find the right clothes for the newborn baby. Usually, mothers choose children sizes three months of age directly, and do not pay attention to the newborn sizes, and it is difficult to predict in size baby clothes in advance, it is best to buy a piece of clothing in several sizes, to facilitate access to the appropriate size. [2]

Bag Mother

The pregnant mother to equip birth bag before at least two weeks from the date of birth set by birth, and supplies that must be placed in the bag are: [3]

  • Choose a comfortable dress so as not to be thick, no mother restricts movement during childbirth.
  • Three alternative pieces of clothing, and three processing of bras comfortable.
  • An explosive or two of the women's super absorbent sanitary pads.
  • Choose five to six pieces cotton underwear comfortable.
  • Put towels, toothbrush, brush hair, perfume and soap, and balm for lips, and deodorant, and beauty tools.
  • Develop additional cushions, comfortable shoes.


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