Napping and health

Napping and health

The nap routine habits when some people, especially in the afternoon period or after lunch, how doctors seen napping in terms of health and what are the reasons and motives have


  • 1 Types of napping
  • 2 factors that affect napping
  • 3 benefits of napping
  • 4 appropriate timing of naps
  • 5 length of naps
  • 6 sleep longer does not give better results
  • 7 napping when older

Types of naps

Nap prevention: napping, and is obtained by a person knowing that it waking up for a long time or ensure a lot at night

Nap compensation: this is napping people who are trying to compensate for lost sleep during the night because of the long ensure, where these people are suffering from a lack of sleep and trying to compensate

Siesta habit: where it is napping when some usually Fterahm enjoy getting them and they practice regularly

Factors affecting napping

Siesta are affected by many factors, including the body's need to sleep, and the rhythm and the daily routine of the body, vital body clock or biological, the length of snoozing, time-out, and the appearance of the symptoms of laziness sleep after snoozing and many other factors such as gender or age

The benefits of napping

Reduce feeling sleepy and tired

Active mental capabilities such as logical analysis, calculation and reaction

Improved napping of the mood of the view

The best treatment for feeling sleepy

Improve mental performance compared with drugs Stimulant

Appropriate timing of naps

Napping timing usually on the dates of sleep and wake up when a person, for example, supports the appropriate timing for a nap is different when someone wakes up from dawn prayers and sleep after evening prayers for another wake up late and sleep late, too, and the reason for this is due to the influence of the biological clock in the body

The length of napping

It depends on the length of napping target them. But regardless of the target, the appropriate rate and average sound for a nap is from 10 to 20 minutes, as this period achieved the desired benefits after waking up immediately, these naps give the results of effective resistance in drowsiness and stimulating mental capacity and improve memory

Longer sleep does not give better results

Longer sleep means better results ?? This hypothesis is not correct, Valqilolh if the longer term, they lead to laziness and shortcomings, and the reason for that is that the person reaches the stage of deep sleep Baadanasv hours of sleep, and if I wake up from this deep sleep before receiving the amount of enough of it, it may appear It has symptoms of lazy sleep

Napping when older

It is noted that older Iqilon repeatedly during the day, and the reason is due to the need to compensate for a night's sleep; As the quality of sleep when the elderly worsens with age


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