Nail-biting, its causes is treated

Nail-biting, its causes is treated


  • 1 reasons for nail-biting
  • 2 treatment of nail-biting 2.1 Health Food 2.2 trim nails Paste 2.3 nails 2.4 wear gloves 2.5 occupancy hands and mouth
  • 2.1 Health Food
  • 2.2 trim nails
  • Paste 2.3 nails
  • 2.4 wear gloves
  • 2.5 occupancy hands and mouth
  • 3 References

Reasons for nail-biting

The reasons for nail-biting for many of the factors that the most important of the typical musculoskeletal disorder, disorder obsessive-compulsive disorder, control of personal motivation and disorder of depression and mental retardation, in addition to many of the problems that affect behavior, and sometimes cause anxiety and tension nail-biting, which can result from feeling bored or work pressure. [1]

Treatment of nail-biting

Can cure nail biting by following one of the following methods: [2]

Healthy food

Are advised to maintain a healthy diet to treat areas affected by nail-biting, especially foods that contain between components magnesium and calcium, which leads to the growth of a healthy and beautiful nails working to weaken the desire to nail-biting, and helps sulfurous minerals that are found in cucumbers, grapes, garlic and apples process nails healthy growth, and also help essential fatty acids found in tuna and salmon and leafy vegetables and nuts in maintaining nails and brightness. [3]

cutting nails

Can cure nail biting through nail trimming, where also will affect the appearance and beauty and cleanliness, and after the pruning process must be cooled nails to become more beautiful and harmonious. [2]

Paste nails

Can get rid of the habit of nail biting by pasting pieces of the sticker on each fingernail, and leave them all day long, with the change on a daily basis, and this method is followed for several weeks to get rid of this habit. [2]

Wear gloves

Can wear gloves to get rid of the habit of nail biting, where turning gloves without access to the nail by forming an insulating layer it can also be replaced by a dedicated Blasqat nails are to perform the same task. [4]

Hands and mouth occupancy

One way to get rid of the habit of nail biting is the occupancy of the hands and mouth are constantly different activities, such as: play reel tension or occupancy in the mouth chewing gum. [4]


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