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medical describe

You can resort to some medical methods to maintain the health of nails and strengthen, including the following:

  • Eating complementary biotin: Several studies have shown that complementary biotin, a group of vitamin B works to increase the thickness of the nail and prevents breakage, which showed a German study improves the health of the nails of the 91% of the cases studied, when eating about 2.5 milligrams of biotin per day over several months, and nail products that contain silicon and complementary MSM are important elements for the health of the nails. [1]
  • Use refreshments: dermatologists massage hands Balvazlen recommend, or oil, vitamin E, or cream skin at night, and these can be used moisturizers to hydrate also nails, because they contain urea (in English: urea), and fat phosphorescent (in English: phospholipids), acid lactic (in English: lactic acid), where these components help to protect all nails from breakage. [2]

Recipes Home

It can be used for some home recipes in order to accelerate the growth of nails, including the following: [3]

  • Peel the eggs: can be used to peel the egg to increase nail growth, because it contains high levels of calcium, iron, protein, and minerals, helping these components to strengthen nails and protection, and is used to peel the eggs through the grinding, it is possible to grind some almond kernels or flax seeds with him, and then is added a teaspoon of this mixture into a glass of warm milk a day, and can experience this treatment for a month to note improve the health and strength of nails.
  • Essential oils: are advised to massage nails essential oils that help the growth of the nails, and protect it from the damage that may be caused by chemical detergents, and these oils: tea oil and peppermint oil, which possess properties that anti-bacterial and fungi, which helps nail infections protect and keep it shiny, it is the nails with oil massage at night, and the result are observed during several days.

Nail Care

Can follow some tips for nail care, including the following: [4]

  • Maintaining the cleanliness of the nail, so as to prevent the growth of bacteria beneath them, so it is recommended to prune nails periodically.
  • Use nail hardener.
  • Avoid nail-biting, or gouge the surrounding skin appendages. [5]
  • Consult a doctor when there are any problems in the nails. [5]
  • Wear gloves when washing dishes to protect the nails from strong chemical detergents. [3]


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