Mother painting detail parts

Mother painting detail parts


  • 1 CPU
  • 2 random access memory
  • 3 CMOS battery
  • 4 temporary memory
  • 5 Memory Albios
  • 6 expansion slots
  • 7 Chipset
  • 8 References


Is a CPU (CPU) brain computer, which are installed on the motherboard, [1] as it is part responsible for the interpretation and implementation of most of the orders issued by programs and devices connected to the computer, as used in all modern electronic devices, [2] and consists of two main parts as follows: [3]

  • Control unit (CU): It is the component responsible for extracting instructions from memory, translation and implementation.
  • Unit of account and logic (ALU): It is the component responsible for processing mathematical and logical operations and solve them properly.


Known as random access memory (RAM) as temporary storage unit in the computer; Where he lost the information stored in them once you close your computer, and prove this memory on the motherboard, you can install one or more slices of a slice on the motherboard, and there are two types of random memory; Two (DRAM) and (SRAM), is commonly used memory DRAM in personal computers; Because it is less expensive than memory SRAM, the information on the memory and DRAM need to continuously update them during storage. [4]

CMOS battery

These battery (CMOS battery) to maintain the information in the RAM after turning off the computer; Where you store basic information on configuring your computer and maintain, and have the ability to retrieve without the need to set up again, such as: [1]

  • Types of floppy and hard disk drives.
  • Information pertaining to the CPU CPU.
  • RAM size.
  • The date and time for your computer.

Temporary Memory

Know the cache (Cache Memory) as a temporary storage memory, the information stored from the RAM to be available to the CPU, the storage will be temporarily and repeatedly; Where reducing the average time required to access data from the RAM to the CPU, and is characterized by high speed to be able to synchronize with the speed of the CPU, which is small in size, but they are more expensive than the RAM, and has four levels; Is L1, L2, L3, L4. [5]

Memory Albios

Modules input and output system is known (BIOS) that an existing program on the ROM memory chip; Therefore, the settings for this program remain reserved until after turning off the computer, and are downloaded BIOS software on the device by the manufacturer, and contain all the computers on this program, this program works independently, regardless of the operating system on your computer. [6]

Expansion Slots

Know Expansion Slots (Expansion Slots) as slots present on the motherboard, install the expansion cards that are used to increase the functions of your computer; Such as video card or sound card, or network card, and contains the motherboard on a specific number of expansion slots, and there in the back of the system box (Computer Case), and have several types; Such as PCI, AGP, ISA, EISA, and common in modern devices use PCIe. [7]


Know interconnects (Chipsets) as an integrated and interconnected electronic circuits working as an organizer for the flow of data and instructions between the CPU and external devices, and adopt the working efficiency of the CPU on the efficiency of the chips on the motherboard, so must chip compatible with the CPU system works perfectly and contain chips on two parts; The first bridge north, and the second South Bridge. [8]


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