Modus operandi Tagine Moroccan chicken

Modus operandi Tagine Moroccan chicken


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Modus operandi Tagine Moroccan chicken

Chicken Tagine of the famous dishes in the Arab world, and is different in the label from one country to another according to the customs accepted and traditions on them, as it is it called in the Levant countries of vegetables with chicken capacity, Casserole chicken in the Gulf states and the Maghreb, and holds the same ingredients with a little difference in a way to prepare , and it is one of the delicious cuisine is very nutritious and favorite for all members of the family, and this method of preparation is simple and easy steps to everyone.


  • Hen a medium-sized cut to ten pieces and cleaned well.
  • Three medium-sized onions finely chopped.
  • Half of the garlic mashed.
  • Four grains of chopped potatoes into a medium-sized boxes.
  • Three carrots, peeled and cut fingers.
  • Three tomatoes cut into circular slices.
  • Teaspoon saffron dissolved in a little warm water.
  • Workshop Black Pepper.
  • Vegetable oil.
  • Salt, to taste.

How to prepare

  • Put Tagine on fire with a little vegetable oil, and Tagine is a Crockery thermal medium depth, and in the absence of Tagine can use non-adhesive vessels such as pots Tefal or Asattanlis original.
  • Move the onions with the oil until tender little, then put the garlic mashed and is stirring from time to time even take the onion and garlic golden light color.
  • Add chicken pieces clean and removed her leather onion and garlic, stirring well until it changes its color to white, then saffron put dissolved in water, and is stirring until it takes a similar color from both sides.
  • Add black pepper and salt on the chicken with cover Tagine for five minutes.
  • Add carrots and potatoes section with stirring and then poured a cup of water, the amount of it, stirring occasionally and covered until vegetables are cooked.
  • Put slices of tomato on the face with a little salt and black pepper water Tagine to simmer until the tomatoes shrivel without moving.
  • Tagine put the oven, depending on the desire to reddening face and get a golden color and attractive.
  • Decorating Tagine with little cutlets olive green, black, finely chopped parsley.
  • Offers Tagine hot with white rice, prepared is a simple and fast without any add-ons, which is prepared with full stews vegetables, which is a rice with a grain of medium, and is soaked in warm water for twenty minutes and then it is placed in the pan with a little vegetable oil and salt , with Thrkihm together until ingredients are mixed together, and then put on the backburner for a period of twenty minutes, and serve hot with Tagine.

Video chicken casserole and potatoes


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