Modus operandi of the aquarium filter

Modus operandi of the aquarium filter


  • 1 fish farming
  • 2 Aquarium Filter 2.1 the importance of the aquarium filter
  • 2.1 the importance of the aquarium filter
  • 3 working aquarium filter 3.1 Materials and tools 3.2 Preparation
  • 3.1 Materials and tools
  • 3.2 Preparation
  • 4 The working principle of the aquarium filter

Fish breeding

The farming of fish hobbies favorite for many people, especially the colorful ornamental fish which need special care, and super, it sends self-cheerful colors beautiful, and give a sense of comfort, and add a special aesthetic of the place you are.

When you begin breeding of ornamental fish it must take into account many of the things that ensure their integrity, choosing the right place, and the atmosphere appropriate to put it is important, as the basin is equipped with all the possibilities that you need these fish even live, and multiply, is one of the basics when breeding that class of fish.

Aquarium Filter

Aquarium device filter is placed in the aquarium or outside, which is an essential part of the structure of the basin to its importance in the filtered aquarium water, keep it pure, suitable for live fish, and can be brought from ready market and installed in the aquarium, as it can be manufactured tools, cheap materials, and are available, and the technique is simple.

The importance of the aquarium filter

  • Precipitation of salts in the water and disposal; Because they cause lumps in the pelvic floor it is difficult to remove them with the passage of time.
  • Water from dirt, dust and purification, and the remains of the food you eat fish from time to time, thus ensuring the survival of the fish in a clean environment.
  • Water filter works to filter aquarium water three to four times after each meal offers fish, this protects fish from the farm food in the bottom of the aquarium and putrefaction and therefore fish diseases injury.
  • It gives an aesthetically pleasing sight and form an attractive waterproof, especially if designed push from the bottom to the top of the pelvic system such as the fountain.

The work of the aquarium filter

Materials and tools

  • Plastic pot medium size.
  • Sufficient amount of sponge, or cotton, according to available.
  • Plastic single-length tubes.
  • Piece diver ready market.
  • Pieces of coal.
  • Piece of ceramic.

How to prepare

  • Prepare the plastic container and make a one in which two holes at the bottom of the pot and called ventilation tube, or air suction tube, and the other in the size of the pipe above the existing nozzle.
  • Prove the pipes well in the holes that we Bthagbha by the rod of silicon.
  • Blade bottom tube Balgtas also prove it Balselkon, the second tube set in the upper bowl of the hole for one end, and the second party remains free in order to restore water after filtered into the tub.
  • Fill the plastic container and sponge judge closed well, collect dirt sponge function of dust and water that passes through it and purified.
  • Keep a piece of ceramic in the bottom of the aquarium, which is working on the collection of beneficial bacteria that the decomposition of food residues, and plants that are deposited in the bottom of the aquarium, and thus help to filter the water biologically.

The working principle of the aquarium filter

Aquarium Filter works to purify the pond water by a diver to pull the water strong through the air suction tube to pay to the bowl filled with sponge, Vimits sponge dust, dirt, and water comes out of the other end pure and clean to hurt the basin again, with out water bubbles renewed ventilation inside pelvis. Must clean the filter once every week, and leave it working for four and twenty hours, so as to ensure that the fish in good condition.


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