Modus operandi of milk Mansaf

Modus operandi of milk Mansaf


  • 1 Mansaf 1.1 How to make jameed 1.2 Steps for the processing of milk before cooking jameed
  • 1.1 How to make jameed
  • 1.2 Steps for the processing of milk before cooking jameed
  • 2 Preparation Mansaf 2.1 components 2.2 Preparation
  • 2.1 components
  • 2.2 Preparation
  • 3 Tips


Mansaf of the famous dishes in Jordan, and marked by the Jordanians in particular, it is one of the main dishes at events and wills and banquets, where he is considered a traditional dish of Jordan. It is prepared Mansaf of milk jameed and cooked by the meat and served with Almtaib rice municipal ghee, offering rice a large dish BRUSHES Berguiv of the first bread toils, and add the rice and then pieces of meat and sometimes added the head of the carcass after boiled and cooked in the middle of the dish Mansaf, and garnish Mansaf usually parsley chopped almonds, toasted pine nuts and milk beside it offers jameed and some types of appetizers and green such as onions and pickles watercress.

Mansaf is closely linked to the customs and traditions of Jordan where he is is a dish that reflects the nature of the Jordanian Badia, a hospitality dish that offers solutions to the guest when an expression of welcome and generosity of the nature of Mount Jordanians.

How to make jameed

  • The stone jameed of sheep milk through the method of heating the milk and leave it up to the proper temperature to put fermented milk to be Troybh and converted into milk RIPE.
  • Covers the milk cover Sophie until the flocculation process, after this stage access is put yoghurt in Al-Saan; It is a manufacturer of leather bags of dedicated goat milk Lkhadd skin is separated from the buttermilk butter know this way by the traditional, but today there are dedicated machines where mixing milk, buttermilk and separated from butter; Where butter set aside and put buttermilk in a large saucepan and are exposed to heat until it starts clotting.
  • Leaves then buttermilk to cool a little, then placed in a bag of white gauze, mixed with the amount of salt and leaves even Taatcefy completely its water, and then kneaded by adding an appropriate amount of salt and liqueurs in the form of balls, and placed on wooden planks and covered with a layer of gauze and leave until completely dry It tends to cruelty, and keep salt on milk and helps store it for long periods.

Steps for the processing of milk before cooking jameed

  • Jameed needs before cooking prior to the steps, where coffee breaks jameed to medium-sized pieces, soaked with lukewarm water for a full day.
  • Melt using a large bowl of a custom pottery to melt the milk jameed, and put the milk in pottery with a little bowl of water and stir clockwise and working pores coarse dish pottery to dissolve milk jameed with ease, and after the completion of melted completely by estimating the amount of milk with the dish prepared slightly dilute of water and be ready for cooking.
  • Can dissolve milk jameed Bnqah the day before and put it in a blender, and whisked him until smooth, and then used to cook, but the traditional way in dissolving milk jameed, a pottery bowl earn a special milk and distinctive taste.

Preparation Mansaf


  • Four kilograms of lamb municipal section to a medium-sized pieces.
  • Two heads of dry milk jameed.
  • Kelograman of short-grain rice.
  • Bag of bread toils.
  • And a half cup of almonds and pine.
  • Half a cup of chopped parsley, finely -achtaara-.
  • Five grains of cardamom, love is true.
  • Large onion.
  • Five sheets of laurel.
  • A quarter of a cup of ghee.
  • A teaspoon of turmeric.

How to prepare

  • The beginning of the milk is prepared jameed, breaking the head jameed to medium-sized pieces and put in a bowl and add the appropriate amount of water is enough to fill with and soaked for a full night.
  • Milk dissolves jameed in a blender even get milk liquid Majeed, mixed more than once, then the yogurt drain wire strainer very soft, leaving aside for a while and cook meat processing gravy.
  • A good cut of meat with cold water and a little salt wash until the bleeding break completely.
  • Tablespoon of ghee are placed great and heated a little, then add the meat and cut Chouh slightly shortening until it changes color, and flooded the net with water and leave until boiling.
  • After the arrival of water to boiling scrape the foam formed on the surface of the water from the meat until it becomes pure water.
  • Add the top of the onion, and a number of cardamom, bay leaf and meat and gravy, and simmer until fully cooked, you need two hours or more depending on the age of the carcass and the freshness of the meat.
  • After flush cut meat completely, remove from broth and set aside, and can be disposed of Almtaibat Palmrq and returned to the liquidation amount.
  • Add the milk to the broth to be gravy is too hot and cold milk, and is required to move the two components together to reach boiling so as not to overdo milk and texture changes.
  • Cut meat returned to the broth added his milk to gain a taste of distinctive milk.
  • Leave pieces of meat Palmrq for an additional half an hour, and this is the milk and the meat is ready, cover and set aside until the rice preparation.

the rice

  • Wash rice three consecutive times until its water drain, soak for half an hour with the addition of a little turmeric.
  • In a large saucepan add the rest of the ghee, you can increase the quantity depending on the amount of rice.
  • Heated a little margarine on fire, then add the soaked and drained rice, and stir with a little margarine.
  • Add the boiling water in sufficient quantity to submerge rice by three centimeters, and leaves up to boiling, then left to simmer quietly on low heat for a quarter of an hour.

Provide Mansaf

  • In a large flat dish or metal Sidr, put a loaf of bread or two toils by large amount.
  • Muffil rice is distributed on the surface of the bread toils consistently.
  • Distributed pieces of meat over the rice consistently to be salvaged from the milk directly.
  • Mansaf is decorated with chopped parsley, pine nuts and almonds a little ghee roasted.
  • Put milk in a bowl jameed special offer slopping to be hot.
  • It covers Mansaf last Berguiv of bread toils before submitting it.
  • Can provide some appetizers, green such as onions, watercress, and some types of pickles.


  • It can be used Aelchenanh milk (skim) milk to prepare Mansaf, or mixing of two quantities equal milk and skim milk jameed.
  • It can relieve the proportion of margarine a little vegetable oil for those who wish to ease the flavor or to reduce some calories; It is Mansaf rich in calories.


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