Modus operandi hole Zarb

Modus operandi hole Zarb


It is Zarb of the best Arab cuisine, which originated in the state of Yemen, where he is described as a Houdrmuti dish, and the advantage that it is prepared on hot coals and warm time long for at least two hours, to result in a dish of lean meat and smoked a taste of the delicious and distinctive, and in this article We'll show you how to set up a hole Zarb at home.

Modus operandi hole Zarb

  • Choose a suitable place in the ground, so that it is possible to make a deep hole in it, very easily, in addition to that it must be close to the place of residence to facilitate the transfer of Zarb, and provide the necessary equipment to dig and eat.
  • Start doing a hole in the ground using special hand tools for drilling, it referred to the need to be a deep hole to enter a large iron barrel, or at least a full meter.
  • Put the barrel into the hole we obviously, being careful to enter it and install it well.
  • It is worth mentioning that the drum user must be placed open from the upper, and make sure that the nozzle barrel at the level of the barrel of the hole in the ground we obviously.
  • Fill in the blanks between the barrel and the earth with earth extracted from the ground, so as to ensure the stability of the barrel and covered all aspects of the earth, which would prevent heat dissipation and restrict its focus and inside the barrel.
  • The use of large iron and proportionate to the barrel basket, suspended in the middle of the barrel over the part of being set on fire in (the bottom of the barrel).
  • It is possible to use a piece of mesh (such as the Shabak located inside the home ovens), and install it well in the barrel, and indicated that it preferred to determine where to place the basket or network in the barrel before inserting it into the ground.
  • Prepare wood and firewood cutting, tree trunks, and put them in the bottom of the barrel, and setting fire to turn into embers, as it is preferable to use oak wood and olive Alnashvh not green.
  • Install clamp or basket to put the place in preparation Zarb, whether red meat, lamb or calf things like, etc., or white meat such as chicken meat.
  • Leave the meat inside Zarb for a period of not less than two hours before opening them.
  • Referred to the need to cover your nozzle barrel Balguetah, then covered the amount of wet mud.

Way marinating lamb for the corral

Spices used:

  • Tablespoons ground coriander.
  • Four tablespoons of ground cinnamon.
  • Four tablespoons of cardamom powder.
  • Three tablespoons of the mixture of spices problem.
  • Tablespoons of turmeric.
  • Tablespoons of black pepper powder.
  • Three tablespoons of table salt.
  • A quarter cup of white vinegar.
  • A cup of yogurt.
  • A quarter cup of vegetable oil.
  • Tablespoons of crushed chilli.
  • Tablespoons of paprika.
  • Tablespoons of cumin.
  • Whole sheep weighing ten kilograms.


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