Minimize desktop icons Windows 7

Minimize desktop icons Windows 7

Today we will learn together ways to minimize and maximize icons on the desktop operating system windows seven

The first way:

1.dh mouse pointer in the desktop without pressing any icon or are having misled her. keyboard Press the ctrl button: Explain zoom in and out the desktop icons in Windows 7 Seven

Kept constant pressure on it while at the wheel yourself time move your mouse stirring (mouse scroller):

Move it to the top to zoom icons and down to zoom out.

The second method: This method is to be helpful to return the size of the icons to its normal size and default, which was his first time when installing Windows.

An empty place in the surface of the press office on the right mouse button appears to you a list of including the word "View" and if you have in French will find the word "affichage" is important to click on the word "View" to show you.

Desktop dask tob components

Desktop Desktop consists of:


2.harit tasks.

Basic icons are:

1.mstndhaty My Documents

2.jhaz computer My Computer

3.slh Bin Recycle Bin


1.anturnt Akspreur Internrt Explorer

2.hbacty My Network

What are the components of the task bar:

1.qaimh Start Start


3.aigonat programs

Basic icons are:

1.mstndhat My Documents: in containing files that are saved.

2.jhaz computer My Computer: is to deal with the physical components and programs.

3.slh Bin Recycle Bin: It contains files that have been deleted.

How the order of icons:

1.eetm pressure anywhere empty right click choose from the shortcut menu Arrange Icon by we choose to be in the order by name Sawa was choose Name or by size we choose Size or by type or by date Type Date


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