Microwave damage

Microwave damage


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Microwave is a device or an oven letter, cook food and Aschenh high-frequency electromagnetic waves known as microwave; Where raising the temperature of the food by exposing it to an electromagnetic field, Vimits all of the water, sugars, fats, and other molecules in the food microwave operating frequency 2450 MHz, and the resulting absorption of vibrations lead to the generation of heat, and then the food heating without heating the surrounding air, and it does not take the same food heating microwave how long the traditional heating oven; It needs to be less than the traditional cooking time. [1]

The microwave oven heats different foods in varying degrees, where the food is heated wet or cooked in a period of less than less food moisture, the upper layers of more food and be absorbed waves and this temperature rises faster, Vtschen outer layers before the interior. The different heating vessels also absorbed waves, and can not be heating food in the microwave oven in metal containers; Because the metal is a barrier between the food and electromagnetic waves, [1] as to heat or cook food jerry cans lead to damage to the microwave oven; Because of the spark that produces a reversal of metal objects of the waves on the surface of the oven from the inside, [2] and most of the types of glass, bowls paper, bowls made of polyethylene does not absorb the microwave, and this is not heated food that was the subject of it. [1]

And heating food in plastic pot lead to melting and damage, [2] It is worth mentioning that the microwave devices are subject to the terms of public safety; To make sure that there is no leak of radioactivity in, thereby preventing health risks that may arise from any leaks of radioactive waves, [1] and the general safety guidelines do not operate the microwave oven only after making sure the door is closed completely; Because exposure to electromagnetic waves minute lead to injury severe burns. [2]

Microwave damage

The cook and cooked in the microwave carries many of the bad and harmful aspects, food management has found the drug that microwave creates acrylamide (in English: Acrylamide), which is a chemical that causes cancer, as pointed out many studies that the production of acrylamide be more in case the use of high-energy microwave ovens compared to devices with low-power, [2] and lead to use the microwave to heat and cook food to the loss of food for many important vitamins food, such as: material vitamins (b, c, e), in addition to the loss of proteins and acids amino, thereby reducing the nutritional value of food. [2]

Several studies have been conducted to verify damage to the microwave; In 1989, a study published in The Lancet showed that milk heating children in microwave converts amino acids to a substance called Six-Isomers (English: Cis-isomers); It is a toxic substance affecting the kidneys, nerves and functions, and in a study conducted by the Swiss food scientist Dr. Hans Ulrich Hertyl eight volunteers; Drank raw or pasteurized milk, raw vegetables, and vegetables cooked traditionally, frozen vegetables, all of them completely after heated in the microwave, and resulted in the results of the study that eating food after being heated in the microwave leads to the carcinogenic effects of the bloodstream; Where I took blood samples before each meal and after, and carried out the necessary tests. [3]

The result of the tests that those who drank milk or ate vegetables after being heated in the microwave has increased cholesterol levels have, and decreased hemoglobin level, as white blood cells and red decreased, and decreased lymphatic cells that indicate injury or damage to the tissue level, has Hertel found that the food heating using microwave leads to distortion of food particles and the formation of radioactive compounds causing cancer, and although this study has promised to fall short to some extent where they contain eight people only, and face great resistance after its publication, it has raised many concerns about the microwave and caused from the dangers. [3]

Damage to food microwave

Numerous studies have been conducted to learn microwave damage to the food, the results have been published, and these results are the following: [3]

  • In 1992, a study that was published that the heating of breast microwave antibodies lose milk, promotes the growth of bacteria that cause many diseases, it turns out that the damage caused by heating outweigh the damage resulting in the microwave from heated by normal methods is very large.
  • In 1998, a Japanese study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry that the milk for 6 minutes heating in the microwave leads to the conversion of 30% -40% of vitamin B 12 to idle.
  • In 1999, a Scandinavian study published that the microwave leads to a decrease in vitamin C plant in Alhiluon when heated in the microwave.
  • In 2001, a study published in the Journal of Nutrition that exposing garlic to the rays of the microwave for 60 seconds is sufficient to neutralize anti-cancer elements.
  • In 2008 the Australian study showed that Bioketromagnateksh heating in the microwave leads to the disintegration of the proteins found in food than when heating foods and other ways.

Damage to human health microwave

The large exposure to the microwave can cause damage to the tissues of the body, and the incidence of many diseases, it is worth mentioning that these diseases are not only produced from microwave ovens, but from different devices operating system electromagnetic microwave, such as: mobile devices, radars, and diseases that may suffer from being subjected to such radiation as follows: [3] [4]

  • Insomnia, night sweats, different sleep disorders.
  • Weaken the immune system, and enlarged lymph glands.
  • Depression.
  • Weakness in perception.
  • Loss of appetite, and the occurrence of nausea.
  • Dizziness, headache.
  • Problems in the eyes and vision.
  • Severe thirst, frequent urination.

Heating damage is not suitable receptacles in the microwave

When heating food in plastic containers, filtered some of the toxic chemicals that cause cancer, including to food and contamination, and lead the use of microwaves to heat food at high temperatures to form amines heterogeneous (in English: Heterocyclic Amines), multiple aromatic hydrocarbons rings (in English: Polycyclic Aromatic hydrocarbons), the final outputs of the process link glycosylation (English: Advanced glycation end products), and these materials are all defined as toxic substances are carcinogenic, and it is worth mentioning that these compounds are not present in raw food, but originates more than 90% of them due to the heating at temperatures High temperature; Including heating using microwave. [3]

Important Tips When heating food in the microwave

While some tips comes to be followed when using the microwave to heat food or cooked: [5]

  • Read the instructions in the manual; Where the user extends the necessary operating procedures for information and matters of public safety, and the method of cooking.
  • Read the instructions for heating packaged foods; When heating food to a large degree a rubbery texture, or may become a harsh, while heating below the required threshold may keep it cool and The unpalatable taste, and can not kill the bacteria in it.
  • Use safe to use in containers Almkroev, they are usually placed special marks on such vessels or stamped from the bottom, if one was not sure that the vessel is safe not to use it prefers.
  • Clean the inside of the microwave and also clean up the door; To remove any traces of food or spark caused by heating, it would remove both germs or bacteria that may contaminate the food.
  • Be careful when you open any closed container has been heated in a microwave oven; Where it is filled with hot steam, which can happen to burn one.
  • Avoid the device which is empty; And that the lack of what absorbs energy or radiation produced, which leads to damaged.
  • Prefer to leave the room when the device; To avoid exposure to harmful radiation, and should keep children with him during use. [6]


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