Methods of work of the potato

Methods of work of the potato

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  • 1 potato stuffed
  • 2 mashed potatoes
  • 3 potatoes Albanian
  • 4 rissole potatoes
  • 5 Video modus operandi of potato spiral

Potatoes stuffed

Ingredients and amounts

Minced meat marinated in spices, salt, black pepper, minced with onion

Ten grains of potatoes the size of a small round

Cup tomato juice

Cup oil

Three tablespoons of margarine

How to prepare

National unloading potatoes from the inside using Almioar

Put a little oil on the fire and Hamri potatoes in it to become the color of the pill is tilted to brown

National lifting potatoes that you Bkulaiha from the oil and drain of its oil

Ahaca potatoes, chopped onions, meat

Sprinkle a little breadcrumbs

Arrange potato beads in the bottom of the Chinese

Add the tomato juice over the potatoes and sprinkle with a little black pepper, salt and Odkhaliha to the oven

Leave approximately ten minutes until full maturity and then a fascinating taste of

Mashed potatoes

Ingredients and amounts

Boiled potatoes medium-sized

Cloves of garlic

Package of chopped parsley

A quarter cup of vegetable oil

black pepper

Hot sauce


A century of green pepper

How to prepare

National Bslq potatoes and then leave it to cool, and then on doctrinaire peeled and well used downstream milling fork

Add a little of the garlic, parsley and oil

My heart good to | that the homogeneous components

Zinni dish horn peppers and red chili

Potatoes Albanian

Ingredients and amounts

Ten grains of medium-sized potatoes


Two eggs

Cup oil

(Bharat - Salt Black) Pepper

How to prepare

Boil Abtatts and then peel and mash

Hklleha like meatballs but a larger size, and add the black pepper and salt

Dip the pieces in egg and breadcrumbs and then put them in oil on the fire

Hot with parsley feet

Rissole potatoes

Ingredients and amounts

Half a kilo of mashed potatoes and boiled

Minced meat Mmmlhh and Spicy

Two tablespoons of chopped parsley

Two grains of eggs

black pepper


Rusk grinded

Small onion juice

How to prepare

National Bjn after potatoes boiled and peeled and with a grain downstream milling one of the eggs and all of parsley, onion juice, and well Ajnehm Take a piece of dough potato output on the ball, national Btjoifaa and stuffed with minced meat body, Aagaflleha then Gamsaha little egg and then breadcrumbs Leave for half an hour in the refrigerator Hamri balls after potatoes in margarine or oil and taste of delicious Enjoy

Video modus operandi of potato spiral

To learn more about the way the potato spiral watched video.


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