Methods of slimming buttocks

Methods of slimming buttocks


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  • 1.1 recipes for slimming buttocks
  • 1.2 Exercises slimming buttocks
  • 1.3 Tips
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Methods of slimming buttocks

Recipes for slimming buttocks

Drinks contribute to natural to get rid of the problem of obesity in the buttocks area, and is most prominent in: [1]

  • Drink mint: through the mixing of a large spoon size of mint powder, a tablespoon of ginger powder, with a tablespoon of rosemary powder, a large spoon also of green tea, Ood mix in a liter of water, and then leave it for five minutes, and eat four at a rate of to six cups a day, preferably a cup of it, half an hour after meals.
  • Drink cinnamon with cumin: which consists of a small-sized teaspoon of ginger and cinnamon powder, small cumin spoon, with the addition of lemon, so that these ingredients are placed in a cup of boiling water for a period of not less than ten minutes, and the mixture of honey desalination, and taken before meals half an hour.
  • Parsley mixture with cinnamon: where this combination consists of two grains of pears, Vibrio mint, and two grains of green apples, and spoon a large volume of honey, small size and one teaspoon cinnamon, lemon, so mixing all the ingredients in a blender, and put them on the quiet fire, then cooled and addressed.

Slimming exercises buttocks

There are many exercises that have proved effective in the field of allocation buttocks as well, including: [2]

  • The status of the Warrior: which requires standing on the feet together, with the need for the left leg returns back, and the concentration of the body weight on the right leg, hold the left leg lifted up, so that the head and torso in the same foot level of the left, and to keep the back straight and head down, stay with this situation through breathing at least five times, and repeat the process using the right leg.
  • Squatting: through the use of the seat, and by making the back seat opposite, with the feet keep it up, and take down the body near the seat while avoiding sitting, and repeat the process ten to fifteen times.


In conclusion, there are many important tips that must be followed to lose the body in general, including the buttocks area, which is most prominent in: [3]

  • Adequate intake of water daily amounts.
  • Focus on eating proteins from plant sources, they contain a number of fewer calories than others.
  • Eat brown bread.
  • Exercise continuously.


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