Methods of Nail Care

Methods of Nail Care


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When God created the Almighty where women love of beauty and adornment of the appearance of Bohaly suit and image deposited, and make them interested in all parts of the body and keep them to get the desired beauty, where you see is interested in her body and is keen not to increase the weight of natural, as they use different ways to keep her skin and her appearance in bright, whiter and lively, used masks and various oils in order to get beautiful hair and attractive, as they do not forget to pay attention and take care of her nails to get a strong and beautiful nails and consistent. [1]

The nail of keratin is made in the skin which contains 15% water and mineral salts, and affected nails strongly the body and the level of availability of elements and minerals in it, for example, if it got there is a shortage in the amount of Alcalaseyoum present in the body, this will affect the growth of the nail indirectly. [ 2]

You may be exposed nails to many of the problems that affect them and cause breakage and fragility, which in turn back for various reasons, some of which dates back to the handling of a person with nails, some of which have a shortage of certain elements in the body of which is linked to diseases Maanh.utalaa we will look to talk about the reasons for the weakness nails and break along the roads care. [2]

The reasons for the weakness of the nails and break

For weak nails and break many reasons, among them the following: [3]

  • Thyroid injury apathy which leads to lack of secretion of hormones.
  • Use of chemicals frequently wash hands excessively.
  • Anemia and iron deficiency and Alcalaseyoum in the body.
  • Eating some types of medications such as drugs treatment of acne and diuretics.
  • The nail was broken because of the collision with a solid barrier or Tkulaimha incorrectly.
  • Use nail polish and removing it is considered a lot of harmful chemicals.

Methods of Nail Care

In order to take care of Bozafrck follow the following: [4]

  • Eating healthy food rich in minerals, vitamins and elements that you need nails to grow properly and in a way good, especially fresh fruits and vegetables, fish and seafood.
  • Drinking water in adequate quantities of water in the body Lack would cause the weakness of the nails and break.
  • Stay away from the use of nail polish constantly, and choose the types of paint containing nutrients nails.
  • Use gloves in case the use of chemical detergents.
  • Work on the nail trim down the correct image.
  • Do moisten hands and feet, including nails constantly in order to maintain the suppleness and not break it, it is also useful moisturizing the nails after using water.
  • Fat both hands and nails with almond oil and then wrapped in a warm towel for a quarter of an hour, with a massage pedicures then work to get rid of dead polyps, and to wash your hands thoroughly and Tnchevhma of water.
  • Mixture of useful in strengthening nails mixture of olive oil constituents, and preparation is placed a small amount of vinegar and egg yolk, and then paint the nails out. [5]
  • Use lemon juice to increase the strength of the nails and protect them from embrittlement and cracking. [5]


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