Methods of massage

Methods of massage


  • 1 massage 1.1 Benefits of Massage 1.2 working methods of massage 1.3 Massage for areas of the body
  • 1.1 Benefits of Massage
  • 1.2 working methods of massage
  • 1.3 Massage for areas of the body


The human being during his lifetime for many of the psychological and physical pressures that leave him tired and exhausted, and is a massage in that case the perfect solution to make the body and nerves, and can undergo sessions of massage in the health and private centers in addition to the possibility of succumbing to them at home.

This requires human to create the conditions and atmosphere and materials to do, where you must ease lighting to give a relaxing atmosphere and tranquility as well as to develop beautiful scented substances in the air or in the room and bring the natural oils used in massage such as sesame oil, olive oil, and that you need a bed, and in the this article will talk about the benefits of massage methods and other general information on the same subject.

Benefits of Massage

  • Get rid of fatigue, fatigue, and the renewal of vital activity.
  • Stimulate blood circulation.
  • Decoding the contract and the arteries that cause inflammation and pain.
  • Every nerve and get relaxation and happiness and stop the feeling of anger and emotion.
  • Enjoy a healthy, bright and young skin.
  • Get rid of the pain that affects the muscles.
  • Get rid of mental disorders such as anxiety, depression and stress.
  • Treat headaches disturbing and painful.
  • Strengthen the immune system, which defends the human body against various diseases.

Working methods of massage

  • Massage oil used for heating so as not to be cold nor hot is not tolerated by the skin are burned.
  • Create the right place and choose a comfortable bed.
  • Turning off the lights.
  • Dressing to allow oil to penetrate the skin well.
  • Move the fingers in a circular way until you press the various parts of the body and move blood to walk in the various parts.
  • The person prefers to sleep on his stomach and focus on the back and under the head, neck, shoulders and down the spine and legs.
  • Move hands from under the above work and what it's like slipping on the skin in a circular fashion and gently and gently.
  • Use the back of the hand for the mid-afternoon.
  • Put forearms on the back and moving the hands from the front to the back.

Massage for areas of the body

  • Facial Massager: be by pressing lightly with your fingertips with a careful focus on areas filled with wrinkles, must face divided into five sections, namely the front and cheeks, nose, chin and neck, as each part has his own way in the massage.
  • Massage cheeks: the first area that should get started out and this is done by bringing a moisturizer cream suit your skin type and put a little of it on your hands and start stirring in a circular motion for approximately one minute.
  • Front area: and where the start Eyebrows up and start to move under, from both sides of the face so that access to the cheeks and repeat the movement five times as long as the one time not to exceed one minute.
  • Nose: through massage skin at the nostrils and work Hvivh movements up toward the cheeks.
  • Chin area: by starting from the bottom of the chin with circular movements and direction to the top to get to the lower jaw and the trend up again towards the ears and repeating the same way five times as long as the one time not to exceed one minute.
  • Neck area: by raising the chin slightly to the top and start neck massage from under the above direction with both hands and down again from behind the ears until both sides of the neck.

It is worth mentioning that you should get a massage or a massage after taking a bath warm at night before sleeping, then body scrubs and rubbed oils to Etcherbha body, then sleep to get the results and optimal waking up health and vitality.


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