Methods of learning cooking

Methods of learning cooking


  • 1 start in a simple
  • 2 food Tngkeh
  • 3 Other tips to learn the basics of cooking
  • 4 References

Start a simple

Supports learning cooking properly learn simple start techniques, and then followed the evolution of the progressive skill automatically, so it is important for anyone who wants to learn cooking not to rush and to give this process enough time you need, it is also advisable that the learner begins with the application of simple steps and recipes so that do not cause confuse, along with no need to start the experience of recipes and methods are complex even if it provides the explanation of the steps that must be followed, the matter actually regard to the practice, not to read the written instructions. [1]

Tngkeh food

The chef's success in one way or another depends on the way Tngkehh food which Bthia, as well as his eagerness to how his choice of spices and flavorings, including its reliance on the use of black pepper, which is directly crushed on food to impart more flavor, as well as careful salt spray on food fingers; In order to quantity more control, and in the same way it teaches the right time to use different flavors of olive as oil which is sprayed on vegetables before submitting them, acidic juices, vinegar used for finishing touch final so give Shines meat cooked vegetables, as well as to learn how and when to add different herbs Kazaatar, parsley, and others. [2]

Other tips to learn the basics of cooking

It is possible to address some of the basics that require knowledge during the learning process of cooking, including: [3]

  • It helps learning the correct way to chop vegetables, including onions, as an essential component of many of the dishes, to speed up the cooking process.
  • According to learn the correct way to prepare the broth to add flavor stronger types of different soups and soups that are made based on it.
  • Learn to cook rice maturely well, avoid kneaded Habibath at the same time.
  • Use the appropriate method Altngkeh types of power, it is possible simply with a mixture of oil and vinegar, or the adoption of adding lemon juice, fresh herbs to it.


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