Methods of Internet connection

Methods of Internet connection


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Internet at home

Methods based Internet use in homes mostly on a small device called a modem or router, supports fixed, such as: service phone DSL line, line Internet CATV cable, fiber optic cable, can laptops Internet access via points Wi-Fi connection across devices installed. [1]

Mobile Internet

Internet can be accessed anywhere without relying on a static device, provides operators, mobile phones, access to the Internet when recording in mobile phone services, whether contract or first payment first, and can be determined to get a certain amount of data is measured in megabytes, allowing the phone Mobile Internet connection within the covered border.

The internet service provider via telephone at different speeds and levels, such as the third generation network that existed several years ago, where usually provide basic speeds allow users to complete basic tasks, such as loading web pages or access e-mail, and the fourth generation network which is the level of the latest to reach the Internet through mobile phone and offers much higher speeds than the third generation, and fourth-generation network eventually replace the hard place of Internet connections. [2]

Can not contact

There are many reasons that may prevent devices from connecting to the Internet, including the following: [3]

  • Make sure that the problem is not on the website to be accessed, and by ensuring other sites, such as: Google or Microsoft, you may be the problem at the site and not in the Internet.
  • Check the Internet browser validity of, it may be disabled stomach agent options in the device are the cause, and can be accessed through the Start menu in the Windows operating system, and then go to the Control Panel, and selecting Internet Options, and click on the LAN Settings button and uncheck the box under proxy server, and then clicking OK to apply the new settings.
  • Make sure that the router has access to the Internet, and can check the status of the router from the browser page on the home page, the status should properly connect to the network show, if the signal showed the opposite, you can restart the router or modem.

Internet connection devices

The most common devices used by people to connect to the Internet, include the following: [2]

  • Desktop computer.
  • laptop.
  • mobile phones.
  • Tablet devices.
  • E-reader.

Many of the development of smart devices in recent years, such as: watches, central heating systems, and even refrigerators that can connect to the Internet, and lead through the Internet all kinds of jobs.


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