Methods of giving gifts

Methods of giving gifts


  • 1 gift
  • 2 ways to provide gifts 2.1 ways to provide jewelry 2.2 ways to provide money 2.3 ways to provide tickets 2.4 ways to provide gifts for the family
  • 2.1 ways to provide jewelry
  • 2.2 ways to provide money
  • 2.3 ways to provide tickets
  • 2.4 ways to provide gifts for the family
  • 3 Tips for Choosing gifts
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the gift

Give the gift Mahdi feeling of happiness and satisfaction with itself, it is not the intention of giving the gift desire to contrast her, but gave her to make Mahdi him happy, and knows that he thinks, and that someone special for him, as it can express a lot of thoughts and feelings through the gift, such as giving mother, or father, or a family member to express his feelings of love and appreciation, in addition plays the gift a major role in strengthening social ties, and is a symbol to express the celebration of many happy, such as: occasions festival of birth, holiday marriage, moreover, it has a role in maintaining relationships and communication between people. [1]

Methods of giving gifts

There are various ways to provide many types of gifts, including the following:

Ways to provide jewelry

Have to provide more fun jewelry sometimes received, especially when presented in unconventional ways, including the following: [2]

  • Provide jewelry dish at dinner: by placing a piece of jewelry in a dish with a lid, so as to be a surprise to him when Mehdi lifted the lid on the dish, or decorate a piece cake has its own piece of jewelry.
  • Decorate Dabdoub jewelery: Choose a stuffed animal shaped like him Mahdi to him, and the suspension of the jewelry piece to make it a gift, and can use a string to hang jewelry on the teddy bear.
  • Put jewelry in the usual places at home: can surprise the wife with jewels by putting them in something used by the wife on a daily basis, such as placing a piece of jewelry in a book you read, the book separator (in English: bookmark) for submission to it.
  • Connecting the gift to the work place: send a piece of jewelry with a bouquet of roses, or attached to the Rose of the package, bringing joy to share the Mahdi with his colleagues in the gift of work.
  • Provide the gift with a message: Provide a piece jewelry placing them inside a message, especially if the size fit for it, writes the message in the beautiful phrases, or verses from the beloved if the gift for the wife.

Ways to provide money

Offering money as a gift in an envelope in the habit, but it is possible to choose a fun way to offer, and stay away from the usual ways, including the following: [3]

  • Pizza tray: can provide the money by putting it in the pizza box, and can stock order inside the form of pizza cutter, to be the surprise of the Mahdi to him.
  • Chocolate tray: empty chocolate box of chocolates, then put the money instead.
  • Potted roses: the work of money in the form of a rose, and put them in a small pot, writing to him on the name of the Mahdi potted.
  • The balloon: the money is placed inside the balloon, the Mahdi forced him to pemphigoid the balloon to take the money.
  • Candy jar: hide the money after packaging clean tissue inside a jar of candy, to surprise him with money Mahdi.

Methods of providing tickets

Different tickets that can be offered as a gift types, it may be tickets for an event, or travel tickets, and there are several ways to provide, including the following: [4]

  • Put the ticket in a clear place: the ticket put in front of him Mahdi, in a place constantly frequented, such as: his clothes closet, or his office.
  • Work in the mold to deliver tickets in person: contact Mahdi to him and tell him the necessity of coming to talk to him something important, tickets and show him when he came.
  • Tickets Packaging: This method is based on the importance of the ticket, so that travel tickets are placed in a large fund, to be submitted, and is placed, for example, concert tickets inside a small box, or packaging cover for gifts.
  • Provide tickets through the means of social communication: tickets can be filmed, taking into account your ticket hide barcode, and the dissemination of the image on social media, and the work of the Mahdi signal to him to see the picture.

Ways to provide gifts for the family

There are distinctive ways to provide gifts for children in the family, or a member of your family, whatever the type of gift, including the following: [5]

  • Treasure hunt: to provide the gift by drawing a map Mahdi reach him to the place of the gift.
  • Solve the mystery installation image: paint a picture symbolizing the gift on paper, or be printed, and then cut the paper into several small pieces, forcing Mehdi him to solve the mystery to figure out his gift, can also be used games puzzle installation images (jigsaw cut) in giving the family holiday tourism, through bringing a puzzle game is a picture of one of the tourist attractions of that region, and the family solve the mystery of the installation of the image to see the holiday area.
  • Conundrum: through the author of the puzzle will be the name of the gift her answer, leaving the Mahdi to him to solve it, even take his gift, or to know the gift by launching a specific number of questions, which are limited to the answers yes or no.

Tips for Choosing gifts

Can follow the following tips to help you choose the right gift for all, namely: [6]

  • Giving tickets to a review, or a play or a movie, when a person is interested in this, such as owning a book talking about the subject of the offer, or publications and pictures of his or her own.
  • Writing a list of things my favorite person, and things that represent his personality, followed by thinking of all is in the list and meet him with the idea of ​​the gift, and then reduce the possibilities for a few gifts, choose a gift one of that number, so that the gift be distinctive and fit his tastes and likes of things.
  • Remember things from the past of the person, such as a picture of a loved one in the frame and donated to him.
  • Think about what the person really needs, to donate it to him, such as giving an agenda for a very busy person, and needs to organize his time.
  • Remember what that person wishes to get it, and can find out without question, by observing directories in publications on social networking sites, or read his comments on the publications, as a person can be a surprise gift he forgot that he had wanted it.
  • To find different ways to make the gift of a personal nature, such as: writing poetry, or make handmade gift, paired with another gift fit person, suit his tastes.
  • Gift giving way to a comic Funniest person, such as giving a close friend likes potatoes bag of them, but inside it suitable gift to him, so that the potato bag is just a teaser.
  • Donate to a charity concerned with the issue of the person operates, or has a passion for direction, especially when the inability to find something that person needs, so find a nice gesture to donate.


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