Methods of garlic drying

Methods of garlic drying


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Garlic drying

Garlic and onions of important plants in the kitchen where there is almost devoid COOKED of their use or one of them.

What plant garlic

Garlic herbal plants of class-rich vegetables in vitamins, minerals, calcium and iron also contains anti-oxidant materials, is also used to sterilize small scratches, especially bee stings. Garlic plant known since antiquity as found drawings to him on the graves of the kings of the Egyptian pharaohs of this plant and cared greatly, there are several varieties of garlic and season for each type of cultivation clay soil and good drainage is considered one of the most soils suitable for him.

Garlic cultivation

When garlic cultivation is plowing the soil and cleaned of herbs are well and in addition to natural compost fermented as compost helps the growth speed of garlic cloves and increase the size of the head and then irrigated with water if the land is irrigated and leave it for a week before planting and then begin to agriculture in the form of straight lines after we have to have prepared garlic cloves for planting so that the summit be developing garlic to the top lobe and the need for irrigation garlic from time to time, in the sandy soil of garlic irrigation needs to be greater than the clay soil leave spaces between garlic cloves planted up to 15 cm.

Garlic drying method

Garlic is not available in the markets throughout the year and in the case offers a very high price so it would be useful for the housewife to retain their need of garlic during the season through garlic powder drying and the work of it, and this is done as follows:

  • We get the amount of garlic to be dried and we cleaned from dust and peels, cut dry head of garlic cloves and put them in a blender and Ntahnha twice with the addition amount of water (a cup of water per kilo of garlic) as the water helps the mixer on milling better.
  • Then we become our fine paste we put a large potted and Nfredh on the container space and then we put in place an open kitchen on the back of the refrigerator, do not be afraid of insects because they are shying away from the smell of garlic and let the mixture for thirteen days.
  • Go back to the mixture so he has dried up and become solid as any material other solid here we Finely chop shaped cubes and Ntahnh machine grinding spices made up our soft material texture we keep Bmrdobanat (closed pot) and put them in the refrigerator and use it when needed, and we have thus got a powder garlic-free our production of any preservatives or chemicals, as well as the lack of material cost.


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