Methods of cooking eggs

Methods of cooking eggs

Egg is one of the animal products that fall under the poultry products, and prepare eggs from foods that contain a high percentage of protein as in meat, eggs is more animal products used in the world, there is no country without eggs for easy cooking, and the flavor of appetite and nutritional value which outweigh these features.


  • 1 ways to cook eggs 1.1 fried eggs 1.2 boiled eggs 1.3 eggs grilled
  • 1.1 fried eggs
  • 1.2 boiled eggs
  • 1.3 eggs grilled

Methods of cooking eggs

Methods of cooking eggs are very easy compared to other varieties, multiple recipes eggs, but it is cooked in three basic forms namely frying, boiling and grilling, some people prefer full cooking, and some of them prefer raw bit, and there is also the preferred raw completely, Vicherbouna with milk to get the greatest amount of interest, and they are usually those who practice sports, but for the way they are cooked depends on the desire primarily consists of two eggs, two main al-Saffar, surrounded by white.

Fried eggs

It is used oil, or butter, or margarine primarily in this way, where is placed a small amount of oil in the pan that we wanted to take me eggs scrambled, after the oil is heated over medium heat, pour the mixture eggs, and wait until mature the bottom of it, and then Nqlbh on the second for several seconds, but if we are frying without pulsate known as egg eyes must increase the amount of oil, and after pour the eggs into the hot oil tend pan, and hold the oil using a spoon and Nsakbh over the yolk several times to simmer, and continue to do so by our desire to eat eggs raw or full maturity.

Hard-boiled eggs

Grilled eggs

The Shi eggs using coal, sawdust, and are initially soak the eggs in the water with one teaspoon of vinegar for three minutes, then put coal in the stove (metal bowl is lit charcoal in it), and then sawdust placed it, and then buried the eggs between the mulch wood, for half an hour, and mature in the same way we dealt with boiled eggs Aftamanma similar, but more eggs grilled flavor unit of boiled eggs.


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