Methods of cleaning nails

Methods of cleaning nails


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  • 4 Clean Ways nails 4.1 solutions dissolve dead skin 4.2 warm water and sodium Aakrbunat 4.3 lemon and baking powder
  • 4.1 solutions dissolve dead skin
  • 4.2 warm water and sodium Aakrbunat
  • 4.3 lemon and baking powder


Many of their importance may not be estimated but it is considered the first line of defense neurons concentrated in the fingertips, as well as they give sight an aesthetically pleasing hand, consists nails of my items keratin protein, and nails, according to experts and doctors mirror the health of the body, its beauty and brightness indicates the health of the body, and any change in shape and color may be an indication of the presence of a particular disease.

The importance of the nail in the diagnosis of the disease

There are signs monitored by doctors on the nails and help them diagnose the patient's condition, but the condition of the appearance of the problem on the majority of the nails.

  • White or blue and demonstrate the existence of a defect in blood circulation or anemia.
  • White dots indicate vitamin A deficiency.
  • Nails Almqcefh indicate iron deficiency and thyroid disease.
  • Nails that curved edges down indicate heart and breathing problems.
  • The large nails that indicate a deficiency in blood flow.
  • Helal nails if it is blue indicates a problem in the respiratory system, and if Fidel red heart problems.
  • Easy nails break-up indicate a lack of vitamins body or malnutrition or lack of minerals.

Nail harmful substances

In general balanced diet helps to maintain the health and freshness of the nails, and there are other things that may weaken the nails and cause change color and break non-diseases including:

  • Chemicals used in the cleaning.
  • Acetone used to remove paint.
  • Frequent use of nail polish, where the paint layer above nails prevent ventilated.
  • Nail-biting because the digestive enzymes in saliva work eat.

Methods of cleaning nails

Ways to clean up the nail in its entirety easy and do not need a great time, everything you need from the person's interest only, intended to remove the dead skin around the nails and cleaning the dirt that may be attached under the nails or on the surface.

Solutions dissolve the dead skin

Ttofarhzh solutions in the market, used this method for nails hands and feet.

  • Keep the solution on the edges of the nails, it helps to soften dead cells, in preparation to remove them.
  • We use dead skin scissors and is usually in the lower tip of the nail file, a severe shortage and gently skin.
  • We front party for the file by removing any dirt stuck under the nails, and also gently so as not hurting our hands.
  • Hand wash well with soap and water.
  • Keep a decent moisturizer.

Warm water and sodium Aakrbunat

Preferably use this method to toenails, because they are usually harder than fingernails.

  • Warm water equip, and add a little sodium bicarbonate to him.
  • Ngams foot for a quarter of an hour in this solution.
  • We use dead skin scissors at the end of the radiator to remove dead skin.
  • Wringing nail cleaning brush around the body or soft toothbrush.
  • It goes back to the nails and softness luster.
  • Then wash with warm water foot.
  • Put cream or Vaseline on them.

Lemon and baking powder

  • Prepare paste of this material by mixing one teaspoon of lemon to one teaspoon of baking powder.
  • Keep the mixture on the nail and Ndlk area either by hand or body brush or a soft toothbrush.
  • Wash your hands well with warm or cold water.
  • Keep generous moisturizer on them.

Glycerin and rose water and lemon

  • Prepare a paste of a spoon Gelesaran, spoon and lemon, and two tablespoons of rose water.
  • Put them on the nails and Ndlkha soft brush.
  • Hand wash with warm water and soap.


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