Methods for slimming without diet

Methods for slimming without diet


  • 1 chew food slowly
  • 2 Replace fatty foods with another light
  • 3 reduce stress
  • 4 increased activity
  • 5 References

Chew food slowly

It helps chew food well on eating slowly and thus eat less food and the feeling of fullness amounts in less time, as it can affect the speed of completion of eating meals on weight; According to a recent report, where 23 study that individuals who eat their meals quickly are more likely to be overweight than those who eat their meals slowly, and can help calculate the number of each Alamadgat summit in getting used to eat slowly. [1]

Replace fatty foods with another light

The use of food substitutes most healthy in the process of losing weight, such as the use of a few types of fat from salad dressings, mayonnaise, dairy products and the like, use salsa salad or hummus for dipping, and fat sandwiches with mustard instead of mayonnaise, in addition to the possibility of eating sweet potatoes roasted instead of white potatoes fried, add skim milk to coffee instead of cream, and the use of vinegar sauce on sandwiches instead of the sauce creamy. [2]

Reduce stress

Can stress higher cause obstruction hormone balance in the body, and produce increasing amounts of glucocorticoids (in English: glucocorticoids), which in turn causes increased appetite and thus weight gain, and can stimulate stress emotional eating, which happens when you turn a person to eat foods unhealthy for the control of bad temperament and improved, and can relieve tension and stress through regular exercise, reducing caffeine intake, and the practice of meditation and yoga, and spending time outdoors. [3]

Increased activity

Can lose weight by adding little activity, and can be achieved through the use of meter steps and add more steps to the routine daily until it reaches the steps performed by the person 10,000 steps per day, and through doing whatever makes the body more active, such as walking when talk to the phone, or go out for a walk with the dog, or walk in the same place during the show commercials while watching TV. [2]


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