Method of wiring water pipes

Method of wiring water pipes


  • 1 clogging water pipes
  • 2 Methods of wiring water pipes 2.1 white vinegar and baking soda 2.2 piston rubber 2.3 dishwashing liquid and boiling water 2.4 Use the metal hook 2.5 Use of hydrogen peroxide 2.6 decoding and water pipes cleaned
  • 2.1 white vinegar and baking soda
  • 2.2 piston rubber
  • 2.3 dishwashing liquid and boiling water
  • 2.4 Use the metal hook
  • 2.5 Use of hydrogen peroxide
  • 2.6 decoding and water pipes cleaned
  • 3 tips after the completion of wiring water pipes
  • 4 References

Clogged water pipes

The process of wiring water pipes may look like, or clean up sewage pipes is difficult; Because it may be difficult to reach inside those tubes and cleaned manually, but there are a number of ways in which they can remove blockages or odors generated by using natural materials available at home, or using conventional cleaning materials available in the market and private clean and wiring water pipes, with taking into account the use of the correct format, and according to the instructions that come with it. [1]

Methods of wiring water pipes

There are many ways through which wiring water piping and sanitation as follows: [2]

White vinegar and baking soda

You can use white vinegar and baking soda to clean water pipes as follows: [2]

  • Empty the bathtub or basin of water washing dishes if the latter is blocked in advance, using the cup to empty excess water in the bucket.
  • Pour a small amount of boiling water in the tub.
  • Poured half a cup of baking soda in the tub.
  • Pour half a cup of white vinegar in the tub.
  • Cover the basin stoppered sink, it will help the survival of the interaction of baking soda and white vinegar inside the pipes and prevent the exit of the basin.
  • Wait for a period ranging from 5-10 minutes.
  • Pour another pot of boiling water in the tub.
  • Open hot water from the tap directly on the pelvis; And to help remove any residue of dirt in the drain pipe.

Piston rubber

The use of piston rubber of the effective ways to remove sediment and dirt that clog water pipes and sewage pipes because it works on air pressure in the pipe, making it easier Tzleckha and remove suspended material inside, which is composed of a handle tool wooden straight there at the end of a rubber nozzle shape Kalkub round, the way they work as follows: [3]

  • Close any holes or adjacent banks stoppered, or a piece of cloth before pouring water into the basin, so as to generate more pressure.
  • Pour a little water in the tub if you do not contain stagnant water, so as to facilitate the work of the rubber plunger, as the water will help to take out the outstanding material in the pipes.
  • Put the piston rubber nozzle over the drain hole, and begin to move the handle up and down repeatedly, to be able to discharge a larger amount of dirt and suspended solids in the tubes.
  • Repeat the process several times if there is more dirt that clog pipes stream, and hinder the movement of water in them.
  • Pour a large amount of water after pipes cleared; So as to remove any remnants stuck in it.

Dishwashing liquid and boiling water

Water pipes can be wiring in a simple way by using dishwashing liquid and water boiled by following these steps: [1]

  • Put two liters of water in a saucepan and then lift it on the fire and leave him until the water begins to boil.
  • Add three tablespoons of dishwashing liquid on the boiling water, and move them up together in harmony.
  • Pour boiling water into the tub slowly, so that the flow boiling water directly into the sink, taking into account the type of pipes used, if the pipes clogged type plastic cooling water for the preferred period ranging from four to five minutes before pouring boiling water in it.
  • Pour hot water from the tap directly on the sink after the discharge of boiling water; This will help the pipes cleared, and remove the largest amount of dirt, grease accumulated inside.

Use the metal hook

The use of the metal hook on the wiring pipes of water, as it can be bought from the market it is known as a snake drain, or made at home using a long metal rod in half circle is folded one end, and then enter it cautiously in the gutter to pick up dirt that clog the stream, taking care not to enter it in the pipe strongly, lest it lead to damage. [4]

Use of hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide helps to remove blockages of pipes, but it must be careful when using the combination of it concentrated, it may cause burns to the skin if it is not handled properly, the way they are used as follows: [5]

  • Add a cup of hydrogen peroxide to a liter of cold water.
  • The solution is poured directly into the water pipes, and leave them for a period of ranging from 20-30 minutes.
  • Rinse with water pipes.

Decoding water pipes and cleaned

Exposed water pipes, especially with curved shape (letter U) for a blockage due to the accumulation of dirt, or hair, or soap residue, or leftovers in the course, which produces unpleasant odors, so it can be used to be cleaned manually by following these steps: [6]

  • Bucket or put a pot under a large pipe; To collect excess water when dislodged.
  • Decoder covers the pipe using a wrench.
  • Water discharge and dirt Balmasorh in Aquarius.
  • Pour the amount of warm water in the pipe to remove the remnants of dirt from them.
  • The introduction of a metal wire in the pipe to pay any blocks, or dirt is still stuck in its course.
  • Re-pipe into place.

Tips After completing the wiring water pipes

Should be cleaned and disinfected the workplace to get rid of the effects of dirt and odors caused by cleaning pipes cleared, by following these steps: [7]

  • To get rid of stagnant sewage water in the kitchen sink or bathtub, or accumulated on the ground.
  • Remove dirt and dust, or any other solid residues were present with water.
  • Clear all the walls, and the land that touched sewage, using my house cleaner and warm water.
  • Sterilize the walls and ground sterilization solution through the addition of eight tablespoons of chlorine bleach or any strong additive to three liters of water, and stir ingredients together until homogeneous, then rinse off the ground and walls of this solution.
  • Ventilated house open windows and use fans while working.


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