Method of preparation of the Tunisian Yoyo

Method of preparation of the Tunisian Yoyo


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Tunisian cuisine

Considered the Tunisian recipes of the most famous and most delicious recipes, where he prefers a lot of people eating varieties of kitchen Tunisian as one of the famous Arabic cuisine varied and useful and special dishes desserts, as there is a large list includes several types of sweets, Yoyo is the Tunisian one of the most famous, it is of the recipes traditional folk that are spread in the Arab Maghreb region in general and in Tunisia, in particular, as one of Ramadan recipes that women strive to set up a lot after breakfast, and the way the Tunisian simple ways that can be learned and applied simply and easily yoyo preparation, and simple and present components at home permanently, and it is one of the light recipes that do not contain a high percentage of calories.

Yoyo Tunisian


  • Five eggs.
  • Half a kilo of white flour.
  • Five tablespoons of sugar.
  • Sufficient amount of vegetable oil for frying (about l).
  • A teaspoon of yeast.
  • Five tablespoons of vegetable oil such as corn oil.
  • A hundred grams of white sesame is roasted.


  • Lemon juice.
  • Half a kilo of white sugar.
  • Three cups of water.
  • A small amount of cinnamon as desired.

How to prepare


  • Mix all of the sugar, water and lemon juice, and put the mixture on fire with constant stirring until the sugar note melt completely, and then wait until it boils.
  • Let it boil for a short period until the texture becomes thick after that reduce high temperature.


  • Confuse both the sugar and eggs well.
  • Add the oil, vanilla, and sesame mixture to the former after becoming homogeneous, and stirring ingredients together until mixed well.
  • Mix yeast with flour in another bowl, and then begin to add flour to the previous mixture gradually while stirring continuous, until we get a cohesive dough.
  • Manfred dough is well using Shobak so that it becomes a little thickness does not exceed one centimeter.
  • Cut the dough in the form of circles, then Nfrgha from the middle.
  • Preheat the frying oil in a saucepan until suitable temperature rises, then we start cutting the dough fried until it becomes a double-sided golden color, and does not take us so much time, and then taken out of the oil.
  • Keep fried pieces in the country for a short period to penetrate, and then taken out to be ready for submission.
  • Yoyo circles decorate sprayed some sesame on the face, or a little ground cinnamon, so as to give a distinctive taste to the yo-yo.

Tunisian Video Yoyo


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