Method of harvesting dates

Method of harvesting dates


  • 1 harvest dates
  • 2 things to consider when the genie
  • 3 stages of harvest dates
  • 4 Some of the benefits of dates

Harvesting dates

Considered to reap the dates stage of the important stages that need to maintain the attention of the fruit on the one hand, and the other side marketed a way that gives a good return, and even reap the fruit of good must choose how to fit the size and location of the farm in addition to the use of modern methods in order to reap the rewards, there are some signs which is based on the harvest dates are:

  • Color: where multi-color fruits of yellow, orange, red, brown, etc., and the fruits are ready to harvest when devoid of material Holding.
  • When the clutch taste Disappearing where different in each category during the Albesr stage and disappear in the wet stage.

Things to consider when the genie

  • We must reap the harvest gradually, according to the stages of maturation of the fruit.
  • Taking into account not to leave the fruit for a long time on the tree after dry as the survival offered to diseases and insects.
  • When you reap the benefits of dates in advance of late detrimental to the type of special fruits in the Albesr stage wet stage.
  • With respect to the fruits that matured on the veins are of the type of the finest fruits that are harvested before or after maturity.
  • At least heat or humid areas fruits take a long time to move from one stage to another may stop at the maturity stage Albesr or wet stage.

Stages of harvesting dates

  • Albesr phase: is cut at this stage when the arrival of the fruit to the maximum size and turn into orange or yellow color.
  • Wet stage: are cut when they reach the fruit wet stage at the bottom and become soft.
  • Dates stage: At this stage, most of the items are picking because they have been completed in terms of maturity.

The genie by shaking the tree and fall dates mature alone on the ground, then dried artificially, or through the use of stairs for palm trees, after sorting, where the harvest is secreted by the damaged fruit or with which diseases, and taken good ones.

Some of the benefits of dates

  • The dates of the foods that contain a lot of elements that are essential to human health and vitamins.
  • Dates help to regulate blood sugar through the amount of taking three pills in the morning pass.
  • Dates reduces appetite.
  • Treats constipation and relieves pain.
  • The cure for anemia.


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