Method of blending colors for paints

Method of blending colors for paints


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  • 2 way blending the colors of paints 2.1 Mixing paint by hand 2.2 Mixing paint using special tool
  • 2.1 Mixing paint by hand
  • 2.2 Mixing paint using special tool
  • 3 blending colors in paints
  • 4 mixing tools paint colors
  • 5 working way paint colors gradient
  • 6 kinds of paint 6.1 Water paint 6.2 oil paint
  • 6.1 Water paint
  • 6.2 oil paint
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Paint is a material used to decorate and work of the various designs of the walls and many of the things, can also be used as a barrier to protect against the impact of external conditions, there are special types are used in factories to paint cars for example, consists coating of several most important components: pigments that give paint color, the glue used to hold the paint components are usually made from polymers, and enlarged, which is a large-size resin particles are working to improve the adhesion process, the organic solvent used to reduce the viscosity of paint, and other additives may be potpourri, fungicides and others. [1]

Method of blending the colors of paints

Can be purchased color paint the desired degree by the store, and sometimes it happens that the person buying several gallons of the same color and the same manufacturer also but notes that there is a difference in color between each gallon, this difference is clear when the color on the wall, in order to avoid this must be done by mixing all the cans of paint together to ensure color compatibility, when using paint was opened earlier should be well mixed before use because the dyes are separated from each other with the passage of time, the person can do to avoid the defect that has occurred as a result of uneven paint color engraving work on wall, can do mix colors in the following ways: [2]

Mixing paint by hand

Can be done by mixing paints manually by following the following steps: [2]

  • A dedicated network to filter the paint put on the nozzle of the bucket capacity of 5 gallons.
  • Pour all the cans of paint in the network.
  • Wait until the paint nomination is completed through the network, and then you remove the network for Aquarius.
  • To move the paint with a custom paint stick so wooden.

Mixing paint using special tool

The person can do mix paint using a custom tool so, and this is done by following the following steps: [2]

  • Buy a special tool mixing paints.
  • Dig a hole in the top of the pot paint, remove the lid completely from the container.
  • Mixing tool put in the paint tray, and then put the lid on the box and do the installation of a column mixing through the hole that was drilled.
  • You can put a cloth on the edge of the paint bucket, to avoid splashing paint outside of the bucket.
  • The last step is to install the tool confused at the top of the hole, and then carry out its operation to carry out the confusion.

Blending the colors in paints

Are mixed colors usually using the three main colors: red, blue and yellow, in addition to the white color to ease the color, can get dark color by adding a little dark color to mix colors, in contrast to lighten the color that needs a large amount of light color to add to the color dark, and to get the best result in the mixing of colors are mixed colors, each of the same color pigment consists Only one, [3] and classified colors for two categories: the warm red and yellow, cold such as color blue, and when you mix two colors Davian produces a secondary warm color as well as for blending cold colors, called the output mix two colors main color secondary, and called the result of blending three colors tri-color. [ 4]

Blending paint colors tools

You must do to prepare all the tools necessary to mix the paints before starting the process of blending, which will be needed palette knife coating or a special brush with paint, preferably use paint knife because it produces a color more consistent compared to brushing, and care must be taken that the brush be completely clean of any previous colors were used , can be used with soap and water, acrylic or turpentine oil (Turpentine oil) to be cleaned, there is nothing wrong doing mixing paint in so special bucket in case the desire of the person using paint later, and it's good to do a workout to mix colors process paint using small amounts and types of different colors to identify on how to paint interact with each other, and then do so in large quantities. [5]

Modus operandi of paint colors gradient

Sometimes a person wants to work different paint in his house, it can be done using a gradient in paint colors, which begins with one color and then it seems dull at the end of the wall gradually beautiful Kaltdrj which is in the colors of the spectrum, and can be gradual to also mix colors, and the work of this combination of colors in the paint can be done by choosing the colors of the following ways: [6]

  • Choose two colors Mtnasagan to be the work of the gradient ambidextrous: This command is especially difficult if they chromatin are different, and can use the wheel of colors to see consistency between the colors and the ability to well combined, as the colors that are next to each other on the color wheel are consistent integrated and can well, to make a greater impact can choose two colors opposite in the color wheel.
  • Choose one color remained: If a person's desire to abide by a single color gradient to work in the paint must choose the color as well as light dark shadow remained the same color, the bigger the difference the result was the most beautiful.
  • Action included a simple and soft: By doing the selection under one of the paint mixed with white to produce light and cool color in addition to the basic color.

Types of paint

There are two types of paint are generally two water paint, paint oil based on the essential ingredient for him. [7]

Water paint

Is the most common type, and is used in combination or vinyl acrylic glues, and the advantage that it takes less time to drought compared to oil paint, and the advantage of easily cleaned with soap and water without the need for special cleaning materials. [7]

Oil paint

It is the paint, which is the main a component of the oil, and is used on the surfaces of permanent use, such as: doors, furniture, flooring, and the advantage that it has a longer life than water paint, and it seems the final has shaped the view of smooth and beautiful, but has disadvantages like to take it a long time in drought, it also needs special cleaning materials when cleaning it. [7]


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