Method of bleaching white washing

Method of bleaching white washing


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  • 2 ways whitening white clothes 2.1 Soaking before washing 2.2 to get rid of spots before washing 2.3 Boosters washing process 2.4 Basic washing process
  • 2.1 Soaking before washing
  • 2.2 to get rid of spots before washing
  • 2.3 Boosters washing process
  • 2.4 Basic washing process
  • 3 tips to keep washing bright
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White washing

Human always likes to seem good-looking and his clothes kept clean, especially if the white color, but to maintain the whiteness of white clothing is difficult to some extent, it has acquired over time color yellow pale or gray pale, different appearance, and therefore the person does not want to wearing, but there are some simple tricks and steps that may help keep a blank white clothes, or bleached and re-brightness in the event of different color over time. [1]

Methods of whitening white clothes

The steps to re-washing the white comes to albumen bright and brightness: [2]

Soaking before washing

The soak white washing process before washing it is very important to get rid of spots, and things that used to soak the white washing: [2] [3]

  • Washing powder: where fill the sink with water and add a quarter cup of washing powder and soak the white clothes immerse fully in the mix output for two hours, and can be used for washing dishes liquid, can also be used shampoo, but care must be taken to use the free Fresheners shampoo, worth mentioning that there are types of shampoo can cause the occurrence of stains on clothes.
  • Baking soda: baking soda or baking soda is working to remove odors lingering in the clothes, as they are working on bleached, it is also important that they are reducing water hardness, so the clothes will not be exposed to severe brackish water will not be the deposited metal materials, but for ways to use it added 4 liters of warm water to a cup of baking soda and stir the mixture until completely melt is then soak the white clothes in the mix for 8 hours, and care must be taken to be pieces immersed mix completely.
  • Lemon juice is used through the lemon cut into slices, then add the sliced ​​lemon and one or two to a full water bowl, then put the bowl with lemon on the fire to boil completely, then remove from the fire and soaked white clothes in it for a full hour.
  • Teeth: where it is used in the manufacture of a solution bleach consisting of 189.3 ml of toothpaste and baking soda with half a cup of baking powder paste or baking powder, ¼ cup of salt, two cups of white vinegar, mixing the ingredients well and are until getting a homogeneous mixture, then soaked white clothes in the mixture for 3-4 hours and then rinse with cold water.
  • Ovary oxygen: The ovary oxygen from safe materials, and it can be used for all removable fabrics for washing except wool and silk, so by mixing solution of bleach oxygen with cold water according to the instructions for the packaging, then soak the white clothes in it for four hours at a minimum, or even the next morning , wash clothes as usual, with the possibility to repeat the process to get the best results, taking into account blending sufficient quantities of the solution until it is completely covered clothes. [4]

Get rid of the stains before washing

You must get rid of stubborn stains on white clothes before washing in the usual way, and ways to remove stains as follows: [2]

  • Salt: Salt helps to get rid of the wet spots, as it once wet spot occurs, salt and put them rub, Vimits moisture and works on lightening the spot, it is worth mentioning that the salt does not help much if the dry spot.
  • Remover rust clothes: used through the water poured warm on the piece, and then put a little rust remover on the spot to be disposed of and rubbed, and can use a toothbrush to rub the spot so as to penetrate scrapper in the fabric, and then it is left for 5 minutes, rinse widget with lukewarm water, and is worth mentioning that it works very effectively in the armpit area, where removes yellowing resulting from the use of deodorant.
  • Lemon juice is put a little lemon juice on the spot, then rubbed with a brush old teeth to penetrate the lemon juice in the fabric, rub the piece for two minutes, then leave for 5-10 minutes, and can be replaced by lemon juice, white vinegar, as acids a significant role and strength effective to get rid of spots, but without damage to tissue.
  • Commercial spots remover: can buy stain remover shops, and apply it to the spot according to the instructions.

Boosters washing process

Can be used as boosters washing process and bleach during washing and rinsing, and these reinforcers: [2]

  • Vinegar: where you can add vinegar to rinse the wash cycle, before starting out immediately after the washing process, add the amount of one cup.
  • Hydrate News: is added to one cup of baking soda directly to the wash basin when washing white clothes and should avoid adding the distributor separate from washing powder, can use washing soda instead of using baking soda, as has a pH of less is more to use safer on Clothing.
  • Commercial color remover can be used removers color available in the shops and use them according to the instructions on the packaging, as it helps considerably if the white washing dark to a large degree.

Basic washing process

Where in this step to start the basic washing process, and must do the previous steps, where the treatment of spots where and add washing process boosters etc., should be in the washing separation clothes process color from white, also prefer to wash white clothes very soiled alone, wash less clothes Atsakha alone, must wash white clothes on the high temperature, taking care not to be too high to the extent of causing damaged tissue. [2]

Dust still for white clothes using a temperature of 50 ° C at a minimum, can warm water to remove the easy spots, the white clothes that have been washed more than once to get rid of the spots to the extent that they have lost their brightness, you need to special treatment for re-whiteness bright and you need to temperature very high during washing, and for powder cleaning should be used in all cases, as it greatly helps to get rid of spots, and should be used with the recommended amount by the packaging, and if the hardship of water and contains a large amount of iron can be used as special during the washing process product iron removal , so that it does not harm iron clothes and change their color. [2]

After the completion of the washing process successfully, you must deploy clothes in a place exposed to sunlight dramatically, because of its important role in the completion of the bleaching process, and if there is not a place exposed to the sun can use the clothes dryer while taking care not to be the temperature so high that the damage fabric of clothing, knowing that the clothes dryer has no effect carried by the sun's rays in the bleaching process. [2] [5]

Tips to keep washing bright

While some tips that will come to maintain the color white washing and not turning its color to dark color, or make it lose its brightness: [4]

  • Sort washing clothes and separated from the white-colored clothing, it is like the colors transition from white to colored laundry washing during the washing process to make white clothes pale.
  • Not to fill the washing machine is very large clothes but must leave enough space for clothes, use a sufficient amount of water; Even appropriately on the clothes are distributed washing powder; So as to remove dust, and thus cleaned even more.
  • Add half a cup of borax, or a cup of baking soda in the case of feeling that washing powder does not work with high efficiency.
  • Published washing by exposing to sunlight as much as possible to help where ultraviolet radiation produced by the sun on whitening clothes.
  • Use hot water temperature according to what is recommended for clothing, which helps to remove oil stains on the clothes.
  • Treat spots as soon as they occur contributes to the survival of white and whiter clothes.
  • Avoid drying clothes at elevated temperatures if the spots were not have been removed completely, washed again prefer to use and remove spots previously mentioned methods of pre-dried at high temperature.
  • Wash clothes that need dry cleaning dry cleaning and washing not to risk Balgsalh.
  • Choose the detergent carefully, where you must choose detergents that contain visual candidiasis, where reflected the work of visual candida they make laundry seem whiter than it is in reality, ie, it works primarily to fool the eye of the beholder, which reduces the waves that transmit yellow color thus washing seems whiter.
  • Clean the washing machine periodically, as it is if the washing machine is clean, they will not clean washing efficiently.
  • Are advised to wash white clothes after each use, even if their appearance is clean, as the sweat and oils posed by the body white clothes turned to yellow with the passage of time. [6]
  • It advised not to use chlorine directly Kmwhit on white cotton clothing, which will turn color from white to yellow with repetition, and can be replaced by a safer Bimbidhat for white clothes. [6]


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