Method of allocation abdomen after cesarean delivery

Method of allocation abdomen after cesarean delivery


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Caesarean delivery

Caesarean delivery process steps

If you settled a doctor's opinion on the Caesarean section setup process begins by taking the following actions: [2]

  • Start monitoring heart rate, breathing, blood pressure, before and during the operation.
  • Installation of the oxygen mask mother to provide oxygen throughout the process.
  • Installation of catheter urine in the bladder to make sure empty the bladder of urine during the operation, this procedure may be troublesome, but it is not painful.
  • Wash the abdomen and make sure that there is no hair in the vicinity of surgery.
  • After anesthesia pregnant woman doctor horizontal or vertical slot occurs lower abdomen.
  • The doctor begins to open the abdominal muscles to reach the uterus, and then rip another happens in the womb, doctors usually prefer to be accidental incision to ease the healing of the wound.
  • The doctor pulls the baby gently, and Ishvt mucus from the mouth and nose to clean up the respiratory tract.
  • The doctor connects the umbilical cord and cut it, and begins pediatrician and nurses examined the child and ensure his safety.
  • After the placenta, the doctor begins to close the uterus tufted soluble and closure of the abdominal incision or surgical sutures either Baldbabis.

Caesarean delivery risk

  • Mother of infections and the risk of infection may be exposed.
  • Mother may be exposed to the risk of losing a large amount of blood during childbirth.
  • The risk of clots that can close the blood stream.
  • The risk of injury in the bladder and intestines during abdominal incision.
  • Uterine incision may cause weakness of the tissues of the uterine wall, and deformation of the placenta in the next pregnancy.
  • Ms. delay may suffer difficulty pregnancy again after exposure to caesarean delivery.
  • Mother may suffer from side effects of anesthesia, the most common headache.
  • Fetal injury may be exposed injured during the uterine incision.

Methods of allocation abdomen after cesarean delivery

Women suffer after the birth of the problem of weak abdominal muscles and Atralh, and find it difficult to restore the agility of the body and the flat abdomen, and the following are the most important tips to be followed:

  • Breastfeeding: Breastfeeding helps weight loss, as the body more burns than 300 calories per day for the secretion of milk, and breast-feeding stimulates contractions that lead to uterine contractions, and documenting the relationship between the child and the mother. [4] [5]
  • Exercise Sports: Before you start practicing sports must Ms. should ensure their ability to exercise back to her doctor, and can start walking for twenty minutes, from (3-5) days a week and then gradually increase the duration, and include aerobic exercise in addition to walking yoga, aerobic exercise (aerobics), abdominal exercises and other aerobic exercise as it helps to tighten the abdominal muscles and burn calories. [6]
  • Eat foods rich in protein necessary for muscle building and repair, lack of collagen which is a protein in the body, leading to sagging skin. [6]
  • A lot of drinking water: Water helps to hydrate the skin and make it more flexible, and increases the efficiency of fat burning, reduces water retention in the abdomen. [6]
  • Massage the abdomen using essential oils: Use a mixture of castor oil, peppermint oil, or lavender oil, or lemon juice to massage the area flabby in the abdomen helps to tighten. The massage helps to improve blood circulation. [6]
  • Careful to eat nutritious balanced meals: must daily meals include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, and foods rich in fiber, such as oats, legumes, grains, reduce fat and sugar, it is worth mentioning that the fiber rechargeable consumption of soluble in particular, reduces the accumulation of fat in the abdominal area . [5] [7]
  • Get enough hours of sleep: it is essential that the mother get at least 7 hours of sleep every day, mothers who do not get enough sleep hours are more likely to gain weight. [8]
  • Avoid eating soft drinks because they cause flatulence and can be replaced with water flavored, such as water flavored with lemon. [9]
  • Eat small meals and slowly: to regain the weight of pre-pregnancy is recommended to reduce the size of each meal, and the use of small-sized red dishes to delude the brain-sufficient and satiety, leads eat quickly and not well chewed to swell to swallow air during the eating process, studies have shown that eating slowly leads to eat less amounts, and the loss of more weight. [4] [9]
  • Drinks and foods that relieve flatulence such as: mint tea, ginger, pineapple, parsley, yogurt, and avoid foods that cause bloating, Kalotamh rich in sodium, and should avoid chewing gum; Because they cause swallowing air and flatulence. [9]
  • Relax and avoid stress and stress: stress stimulates the secretion of the hormone cortisol, which promotes the accumulation of fat around the abdomen, causing obesity. [7]
  • Be patient: the mother to set targets are achievable as a loss of one pound of weight every week and be patient, which has been gained The weight during the nine months of pregnancy needs to be enough time to get rid of it. [8]
  • Specialist consult feed: If you encounter mother difficulty losing excess weight, can support and request help from a nutritionist to guide programs to ease the special weight of new mothers and nursing mothers. [8]
  • If the mother was not able to get rid of excess weight and abdominal sagging, it can resort to tummy tuck surgery, liposuction and get rid of sagging skin. [6]

Video for cesarean delivery


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