The most beautiful of what was said the friendship rights Nsrdha you here

Friendship Kalmazlh

The more the rain

The greater the need for them

Friendship is not absent, as the sun sets

Friendship does not melt as snow melts

Friendship does not die

However, if he dies .. love

Friendship, friendship and faith

Friendship and a dream entity dwells conscience

Friendship Atuszn balance and Atkdr with worldwide

They must of everyone

The fruits of the earth harvested every season .. but the fruits of friendship reap every moment ..

Friendship is the only roses that are thorns in them ..

Friendship is the other face is bright for love, but face stainless ..

Friendship bird without wings ..

It is a true friend

Is there a friend in this time?

A friend who is with him,

And be alone

He who accepts excuses and forgives you if you made a mistake

And fills in your absence Msdk

Perhaps you are trying to access it .. may not reach .. know that you will find the finest in the end than you dream ..

A person dear ..ovi .. well for all your secrets .. To build a stronger bridge with no wind pulled down no matter how powerful

You'll find in the end .....

Someone help you ..

Cry Bkaik ..

Wipe your tears ..

Brother .. Settle dawn .. Ieonk loves you more than yourself

1. If you are bound to die, please ask if you can take a friend with you

2. If you are going to live a hundred years, I wish to live a hundred years decreased one day so I do not have to live without you

3. Friendship man does not feel such as the health of rare value only when they lose

4. A true friend is the one who walks you when the rest of the world away from you

5. Dad always says to me: when you die and you have five friends, have lived a great life

6. If my friends decided to jump over the bridge, I will not jump with them, but I'll Wait for them under the bridge to Otlqahm

7. Hold a true friend with both hands

8. I learn from you and learn from me and will not disagree

9. Friendship is one mind in two bodies

10. Do not walk in front of me maybe I can not catch up with you, and do not walk behind me maybe I can not drive, but beside me and be my friend Walk

11. Everyone hears what Tcol.alosedka listen to what you say, and the best friends listen to what did not say.

12. A friend is someone who knows the song of your heart, and can sing to you when you forget her words.

13. Each of us has his way in life, but wherever we carry every part of the other.

14. Friendship grace of God and the care of us from him

15. Friendship is Mlhalehiah


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