Means body slimming

Means body slimming


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body weight

The World Health Organization showed the high prevalence of obesity (in English: Obesity) in the world to almost three times since 1975 and that 39% of adults who over the age of 18 years or equivalent are infected with overweight (in English: Overweight) and 13% are obese and according to the 2016 statistics, and you know these two cases the accumulation of fat excessively may cause a disorder health and increases the risk of many diseases such as heart disease and type II diabetes and others, list the by body mass index (in English: body mass index), which is equivalent to the body weight unit kilogram divided on the unit meter height square, and for adults, the decrease in the value of this indicator of 18.5 means that it is described thinness (in English: Underweight), but if it rises 25 it means overweight, and increased 30 means of obesity, while shows the value range between that person has 05/18 to 09/24 weight perfect. [1] [2]

Means body slimming

Despite the craze diet that may be considered that a large amount of grapes, or reduce the intake of carbohydrates is the consumption of reason to reduce weight, but the body weight control depends on the amount of calories and burning, so the weight gain back consumption exceeds the body's need of calories, in contrast, weight loss comes to reducing the amount of calories needed by the body, ranging from this amount between 500 to 1,000 calories a day to lose 0.45 to 0.90 kg weekly, and although many diets available to lose weight, but the diet is best is consult a nutritionist, doctor, physical trainer, weight loss program that has proven its effectiveness in three basic principles involved are described the following points: [3] [4] [5]

  • Eating an appropriate amount of food: Although eating good foods in the diet to lose weight, but that overdo it would adversely affect their effectiveness, and is that of common mistakes as consumption of organic foods, chicken breast, almonds are great and some foods diet (in English: Diet food ) to overcome this, it is recommended to know how to eat the right amount, and the amount of the size of the meal of food (in English: Serving size).
  • Counting calories: This can take the means and time-consuming but it is with portable applications offer has become an easy way to keep counting calories, and do not take a few seconds, and reservation information in which to evaluate at another time, in addition to the use of this method always leads to knowledge of calories normal calorie intake per day, and can reduce the amount of consumption of which 500 calories to lose half kg per week healthy.
  • Increase daily activity: the following is recommended daily maximum limit of what is known as the generation of heat is associated with a training activity which is called abbreviated NEAT; It is that much calories are burned without exercise sports, and although the daily one such activity has been shown to burn a few calories but do set them in every hour, causing access a large amount of heat generation at the end of the day, for example, result in the development of washing to burn 26 calories per quarter hour, while pushing furniture or boxes burn 100 calories for every quarter of an hour.

Tips for Slimming Body

Clarify the following points are some tips that contribute to weight loss: [6] [7] [8]

  • Breakfast daily: Even though many believe people leaving this meal is a good way to lose weight, but they usually consume more calories than during the day, and noted several studies that people who eat breakfast have a lower body mass indicator, in addition to improved performance compared with those who do not eat this meal, and whole grains can be decorated with fruit consumption, low-fat milk quick and nutritious meal.
  • Maintain motivation and patience: as this is one of the most difficult aspects facing that follows a diet to lose weight, and vision change may need a week or two weeks and can be seen the results after the first month of an expansion dresses, as is recommended to use the award method when achieving goals such as buying clothes New.
  • Read food item card: including the size of the diet as a reliable calorie counting, but caution is recommended as some numbers may not be accurate, as compared to the recommended food products and choose the most healthy option among them to lose weight.
  • Taking a premium enough sleep: Although there are some questions about the likelihood of weight gain due to the lack of sleep the American Heart Association has shown that sleep disorder raises the calories consumed to nearly 550 during the day compared to sleep well, and is recommended for those who are trying to lose weight by taking a premium enough sleep up to seven to nine hours every night. [9]
  • Drinking water, especially before a meal: as the drinking water raises the metabolism of food in the body at a rate of 24-30% during the period of an hour to an hour and a half, which contributes to the burning of a larger amount of calories, as one study showed that drinking half a liter before half hours of meal consumption helps to cut calories and high weight loss by up to 44% compared with no drinking water. [10]
  • Avoid added sugars: as they are associated with an increased risk of obesity and type II diabetes, heart disease and blood vessels so as to contain corn-center high-fructose juice. [10]
  • Use small dishes: which contributes to reducing calorie intake automatically, but it should be noted that the size of the dish does not affect everyone, but he found that people who are overweight are most affected by it. [10]
  • Increased consumption of fiber, vegetables and fruits: where he found that the fibers, especially viscose fibers (in English: Viscous fiber) can increase the feeling of fullness, and helps to adjust the weight for a long time, and vegetables and fruits contain a large amount of water and a few longer calories, causing a feeling of fullness and decrease weight important health is to contain many nutrients. [10]


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