Low pressure holder

Low pressure holder


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Low pressure holder

The pregnancy of the most dangerous stages of the life of the female; Because they are exposed to infection during which many different health problems and diseases; Among the most common of these problems is the rate of blood pressure disorder and specifically low average in her body, knowing that the normal range of blood pressure up to 80/120, note that the effect of falling pregnant woman herself and her fetus does not reach the gravity of the high average in the body; So always to avoid the occurrence of such problems should follow the doctor and periodic medical examinations.

the reasons

There are various reasons that lead to the lower compression ratio when the pregnant group, and the most important are the following:

  • Low blood sugar in the body.
  • Low blood pressure; As a result of poor diet or infection followed a specific addition to the incidence of drought.
  • Dilation of blood vessels in the body; Because it reduces the pressure rate in the body, specifically in the first stage of pregnancy, which includes the first three months.
  • Not eating healthy foods that pregnant should be addressed.
  • Gastrointestinal disturbances that have been caused by dehydration; As a result of not drinking enough fluids or sit under the sun's rays for a long time.
  • Fatigue and fatigue caused by stress and hard work.
  • Not enough premium taken from sleep and rest.


When a pregnant woman to a lower rate pressure in her body, showing a range of different symptoms and signs, and most important are the following:

  • Feeling dizzy with dizziness, was exposed to fall to the ground and fainting, the fetus was exposed to death as a result of the fall of the mother.
  • Great sense of fatigue is accompanied by the continuing need to drink large amounts of water.
  • Vision problems and the inability to see things clearly, with blurred eyes.
  • Loss of ability to concentrate.
  • Infection sclerosis some of the joints of the body, particularly the neck.
  • The inability to breathe normally.


Treatment depends on the reason leading to the low pressure, for example, when the reason is the lack of rest or do a big physical effort; It will be automatically therapy is a good rest, but in cases of extreme low pressure is better to see a doctor to prescribe medication or appropriate treatment, and there is a set of steps that help regulate the compression ratio in the body when pregnant, and the most important are the following:

  • Eating too much fluid.
  • And a healthy diet rich in nutrients such as vitamins that you need pregnant, the doctor may give her a set of dietary supplements.
  • Sleep and lie down specifically on only one side of the body; Because it helps blood flow and access to the heart muscle.
  • Sit down and rest when feeling tired directly.


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