Love signs when the man of Capricorn

Love signs when the man of Capricorn


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The owners of Capricorn are people born between December 22nd to January 19 and is the tower of dirt towers, so his companions belongs to the earth element, and corresponds to Capricorn substantially with Taurus owners, Tower cancer, and numbers luck their own are: 4, 8, 13, 22 [1] [2] This is characterized by the owners of the tower that they love the system, respectively, and enjoy a high degree of autonomy at both personal and practical. [3]

Love signs when the man of Capricorn

Capricorn man prefers to be the dominant in the relationship, but he respects women, and he loves to be smart, bold, playful, independent, and express their ideas gentle manner. [4] A set of signs that indicate that a serious man who has reached the conviction stage that He loves this woman and wants to shared his life, and the most prominent of these signs as follows:

His actions and Slocaiath

The man may express serious about his love through a range of actions and behaviors, including the following: [5]

  • Jealousy: When a Capricorn man in love you find express his love for her partner to show jealousy on them, so they suddenly changed when the girl he loves with someone else, he does not like to be with other people, since a man of Capricorn become selfish and Emtemlka when it comes to women he loves .
  • Romance: When a romantic and emotionally toward his partner, and expresses her permanently loyalty and belonging to this relationship, through the expression of love romantic ways, as if treating her affection and kindness and Igazlha, can then know that he loved her.
  • Openness and abandonment of shame: needs a serious man some time to express his love more openly, with the passage of time, a man of Capricorn love for the girl he loves by abandoning ambiguity and shame shows, and opening them emotionally more, so that it starts with the participation of his secrets with her, or begins to talk to her more than before, Vijbrha about the things that make him happy, as telling her how to feel, and what are the important things in his life, and the things that he loves, and can be discussed with his practical and professional, and decisions, all this indicates confidence Bhricth, and that he considers a distinctive and wants that makes it part of his life.
  • Spending time with his partner: a man always Capricorn will try to find a way to see if his partner even forced it to modify the schedule in order to spend some time fun with it.
  • Show fun and sense of humor: It is known that the man of Capricorn is generally conservative and shy and quiet in nature, so it if you began to use jests and show the humorous side of his character by dealing with his sweetheart, this is a clear sign of his love for her, because it usually does not show this side of his character for anyone, but when shown interest in only one of them, which is this humorous side of his personality is used in order to maintain the continuity of their relationship, especially as it became certain that his partner is the right person.
  • Protect the girl he loves: a man Capricorn somewhat masculine, as he tries to understand the feelings of the girl he loves and to express his love for her through her protection when you need it, and always make sure it's fine, as it always seeks to show her as worthy of their trust; He is ready to fight for his partner.
  • Support: serious about his love man may express to the girl he loves, by offering her advice, and assures her always he wanted better for her, so if he could do anything to help and support them in making the right decisions, it will do its utmost to do so.

His way of thinking

It is essential that a woman who loves a man of Capricorn realizes that his way of thinking that determines how to show his love for her, where he characterized his way of thinking, including the following: [5] [6]

  • Depth and wisdom: generally enjoys a serious man distinctive and unique life outlook, in-depth and wisdom in all areas of his life, including love and relationships emotional, where he is usually seen men Capricorn to romance it is dangerous, and needs them to think and feminization, and not to rush to any decision regard to the association and marriage; So it may take them some time to see whether this woman suits him or not, even if he admired, not serious since a man rush to enter or to comply with any emotional relationship, but once you do, nothing will stand in his way.
  • Caution: do not like a man of serious risk, it is calculated and studying all the steps to reach the goal; So it would be somewhat cautious when it comes to the pursuit of love, he does not believe in love at first sight, so if you love her partner, it has to be patient until his conviction and the decision taken and Massaranha his love.
  • Realism: A man Capricorn traditional tower, and expresses his love and realistic ways, and tends to be dreamy or crazy ideas and out of the ordinary.
  • Sincerity and seriousness: deal a serious man with love seriously, and when he finds true love, it does not manipulate the feelings of the other party; But strives to maintain it, it is a committed partner, a great father and a husband, and when he is committed to a romantic relationship be faithful and loyal to his partner and has a sense of high loyalty to those who loves.
  • Stability: The man of Capricorn is not interested in cross relations, he is interested in a stable relationship and long-term, so he is looking for a partner in love with him spend his life in the long term.

Attributes of Capricorn man

A man serious advantage that has many positive qualities, the most important of it is practical and realistic, and that person careful and orderly, fluent in planning its future, and the advantage that self-confident, intelligent, ambitious and patient, but at the level of negative qualities, which can serve as a disadvantage, Vohmha : it does not forgive easily, and selectively in most things of his life, it also has a problem in others to believe or trust them easily, in addition to being a person of concern. [7] [8] [3]


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