Libra recipes man in love

Libra recipes man in love


Libra is one of the towers air belongs to his birth in the period spanning 24 September to 23 October, which corresponds largely with Gemini, pregnancy, and Aquarius, and has many of the qualities that distinguish it Caldblomaseh, and pacifism, idealism, in addition to the sophistication, the its disadvantages is a severe reluctance to make decisions, lacking a sense of responsibility and link to any order, and many Alahtmamh appearances, and in this article we will talk about recipes Libra man in love, as well as ways to raise attention.

Libra recipes man in love

Multiple qualities of Libra in love, the mismatch of positive and negative ones, these qualities are as follows:

  • Love interest dramatically, and the inability to live without an emotional relationship.
  • Honesty in feelings, and easily fall into it.
  • Presence beside partner always, especially when you need him.
  • Permanent attempt in the implementation of the promises as much as possible.
  • Perfect sense when you enter into a love affair.
  • Large attempts and painstaking to get a successful relationship.
  • Search for tenderness.
  • Interest in the beauty and elegance of the partner.
  • Transition from love to another very quickly, and in making it sometimes.
  • Great interference in women's affairs; To affect the emotions, and increases concern him.
  • Continuing to talk with your partner about past adventures with women, except for the expression of current feelings towards her.
  • Behind the pursuit of true love, and harmony between ideas and between the partner.
  • Continuous frequency in the decision to marry, despite his love and his feelings towards the partner.
  • Speed ​​to express their feelings, and repeating the word "I love you."
  • The feeling of hatred towards women that is being exploited during the period of the relationship.

Ways to raise the attention of a man Libra

The attention of the balance of man's actions and qualities of certain women, so you can attract attention through:

  • Come in in conversations with others without feeling ashamed.
  • Being the focus of attention and attention anywhere Ttoagdan which, through Bonaguetk and your package care.
  • Make yourself a symbol of femininity.
  • I spend a long time talking with him, and go in the discussion topics enjoyable and interesting.
  • Let him speak for himself, and I listen to him well.
  • Tjadla with him in a nice, making him feel pleasure.
  • Jamelih as far as possible, it may affect it and pull it immediately.
  • Being honest in your feelings and your actions.
  • My feet to help others, and national volunteer activities, he likes to help people.
  • Stay away from the drama, and exaggerated expression of your feelings or reactions.
  • Try to be vague sometimes, and speaking in a charming way sometimes.
  • Avoid directing his stinging criticism, and face him praise in his elegance and taste.


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