Libra man recipes Tower

Libra man recipes Tower


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  • 2 General characteristics of a man Libra
  • 3 man Libra love
  • 4 Libra man and his relationship with friends and family
  • 5 Libra man and professional life
  • 6 defects man Libra
  • 7 How to attract a man Libra
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Libra period begins September 23 to 22 October, the antenna colors favorite green, pink tower, as is the case of all towers enjoy the balance of positive points may be characterized by some people from the tower, such as: justice, generosity, kindness, social, cooperative and personal, as he loves to share with others in their work, as it is in harmony with the surrounding fast atmosphere, as well as some of the negative qualities that have characterized some of this was born in the tower, including: hatred, frequency, and avoid the face of people, qualities also that he hates injustice, violence, and sound high, in addition to its ability to tradition and it enjoys born Libra as a very peaceful does not like to hurt people, as he continues to search for equality everywhere Ajoppe he loves that life is full of justice and balance, in addition to excellence with intelligence and high passion that makes him a great lover. [1]

General characteristics of a man Libra

It believes that more qualities that make man Libra attractive temperament and personality masculine, in addition to his charm and personal charisma, where he has a heart warm and compassionate, as he enjoys star, hard and balanced, it is very quiet rarely angered or provoked, and enjoy his skills to gain people. He knows how the deal with the people around him and how to satisfy them, and can listen to different points of view if they were not compatible with his opinion, as it is to say what is appropriate and true, and responds to different points of view and supported, of course this is a sign of intelligence marks, and methods that possess and show his intelligence is his behavior iPod and kindness with others, making friends and earning him increased knowledge for long periods of time, and can also come up with ideas and creative plans to help him solve many problems brilliantly. [1] [2]

Also believed that man Libra is characterized by vitality, creativity and high sense which makes him enjoy life with others, so it can be described as optimistic person brings inspiration to others in many ways, and qualities are also positive and see the bright side of everything and love to the challenge and competitive honest, he does not like to run conflicts and controversy, which motivates him to avoid any kind of conflict and hatred is unjustified, he believes that he loves perfection and precision, making it indulges himself in search of self-satisfaction, but it is possible that someone to influence its decisions and change his mind, and of course this falls under the name of simplicity owned by Libra, as it is a deep person who does not care about the external beauty of all that is interested and is looking for the inner beauty of a person. [1] [2]

Libra man love

When talking about love is thought that the man Libra is the right man for that, he is a person romantic and compassionate loves teamwork with his partner, as he believes in true love if his grandfather, and he has the ability to make a successful and sustained relationship growth, as it brings happiness, pleasure and fun relationship, [2 ] [3] as it is often understanding man Libra is wrong because of his friendly and gentle with others and love to please, where he can tell the beloved and kind words, so he is appealing a special charm lustrous when you meet him, as he is attracted to women Alsadqat REAL Baadat for falsehood and lying, the saw by this distinction he sees as a partner suitable for him to stay with him for life. [2]

Is also believed to be born Libra is often characterized by compassion and tenderness in the marital relationship, where he feels his partner as the only person in this world, as is his home and his relationship first interests, as he tries to make the time spent with his family can not be compensated even feel the other party the difference his partner in his absence. [4]

Libra man and his relationship with friends and family

Characterized by the owners of Libra Bhetwavgahm with family and friends they are able to bring happiness and comfort to them and to avoid disputes, and the impartiality of one when a quarrel, in addition to being Mmton and Manson when you go out and do picnics, so they are able to organize an atmosphere suitable for fun and pleasure, making them Mrgopin and loved at the third party , as well as their ability to maintain their relations with the circle and stay with them for long periods, which makes people love their presence with them. [5]

Libra man and professional life

One of the most wonderful qualities that some men may possess born Libra ability to maintain harmony and tranquility in the work atmosphere, so there is no atmosphere of disagreement and bickering when working with them, as they are working hard and passion always seek to achieve development and progress, making them able the working atmosphere of the team and the group, as seen as speakers adept can persuasion because of their talent to speak. [6]

Disadvantages man Libra

There are some defects born Libra men, where it is believed that they are characterized by the following: [7]

  • Exaggerated courtesy, as he praised others dramatically.
  • He can not take his own decisions always, it is also hasty in making decisions, especially the crucial ones.
  • Libra moody man largely considered.
  • Libra loves a man to postpone tasks, he also changed his mind permanently and quickly.
  • Libra loves a man he hates freedom of commitment and responsibility.

How to attract a man Libra

He believes that a man Libra is characterized by his love of beauty and appearance, so he is looking for a partner inspire him in that, in addition to the need to stimulate in order to enhance its ability to decide to enter into a serious long-term relationship, as a man Libra likes to share everything with his partner even in terms of everyday things simple, and is fully prepared to withstand and cope with all the difficulties they may face, so he is attracted to people with strong personal will, he needs someone who can rely on it when they feel weak or loss, but on the other hand man balance with all what he can do to make him happy will, even he will present the interests of his partner on his interests, so it is looking for true love that lasts a lifetime. [1]


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