Leo woman recipes

Leo woman recipes


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Is one of the towers firearms of the sun, a special birthday period between (7/23 - 8/23), and corresponds born Leo with born Aries, Aquarius and Sagittarius, no match with born Capricorn, Gemini, Pisces, strongly characterized enthusiasm, good heart, intense candor, love of adventure, and Talvaal severe, but despite these positives in the character of Leo but his personality has many drawbacks, too often lose their patience and act cavalierly, they also love to own property, and their personality authoritarian and selfish sometimes, is aquamarine favorite lap, gray, yellow LUNEL and two colors favorite, number one is the lucky number for him, which shows diplomacy, courage, vitality and activity. [1]

The Legend of Leo

According to legend, the "Hercules" has had many adventures love affair like his father, "Jupiter," but these relations were of another kind, where the "Hercules" loves risk challenge and difficulties, and in one of his adventures in Namsia has to face a huge lion, and the confrontation was made up of twelve ten challenge, to kill his children and his wife at the instigation of his father, "Hera" wife, and was able to "Hercules" killed the lion, and the bravery of stars named Assad, to commemorate the killing of a lion. [2]

Leo woman recipes

Women enjoy the lion's tower with many of the qualities that distinguish them from others, including: [3]

  • Love interest in her life partner.
  • Waiting for care and love of life partner.
  • Love is important for a woman Leo.
  • Life for her is an exciting adventure.
  • Love to be better, and do not be satisfied with little.
  • Characterized by extreme dedication and fulfillment.
  • Do not like things traditional and routine.
  • Best leadership positions at work.
  • Strives to get positions.
  • Characterized by bold and strong personality.
  • Possess great self-confidence.
  • You do not like routine work.
  • Characterized by cleverly to persuasion and talk.
  • Her distinctive ideas and new.
  • Enjoy a lot of respect by others.
  • It characterized Bajtmaeitha and her love for the formation of relations and charity.
  • Do not forgive betrayal.
  • Best sports and classic clothing.
  • Rob is a great house and the perfect.
  • He likes to live well-being.
  • Prefer to work outside the home.
  • He likes to laud her children.
  • Love to others praising.
  • Getting brighter and fainter as the age.
  • Characterized by severe Bgertha.

Women's lion and love

Women are characterized Leo as showing her feelings with ease and clarity, and when they are in love they are fun, loyal, respectful and very decent towards the one you love, but it will take the role of leader in any relationship, as they rely heavily on their need for independence and initiative, and this can be exhausting for her partner sometimes, especially if you if you start to impose its will, as they need to be aware of the partner itself and reasonable and on the same intellectual level. [4]

Women's Lion with friends and family

A woman from Leo dignified, sincere and honest with her friends, and always women from this tower need to help others, and will do so even if it requires a lot of time and energy, also has the ability to almost attract everyone and has the ability to host celebrations and various events with people who give their best, as they are rarely alone; Because interactions with others granted a sense of self-esteem and awareness that you need, but they may have difficulty in finding friends are able to keep up with high energy and follow-up carried everywhere you go, and in regards to the family will not be family first thing you think of when you wake up things in the morning or when you lie down on the bed at night, they also tend to become independent as soon as possible, and in spite of that they do anything to protect their loved ones, it also boasts Boslavha and its roots in good and bad times. [5]

Women's lion and the job and money

Women's distinguished from Leo lively adult and tend to be always busy, regardless of the need to work, as it is ambitious, creative and optimistic, and once devoted to their work, they will do their utmost, jobs and are considered to allow the open expression of artistic talents such as representation and entertainment ideal for this woman, in addition to management, education, and politics are also well have occasion, as well as anything that puts it in a leading position, women lion and likes to be surrounded by modern things, and even though they get easily money they spend less responsibility than some other signs of the zodiac, they are very generous, as they are supported by many friends when they need financial assistance, although this does not always prove to be wise, but it makes them feel good permanently. [6]

How to Attract Women's Lion

Women Assad is characterized by a sense of warmth and sense, as they like the presence of many fans, also want to be loved, and to attract one must treat them well, and respect them, and to see that it is suitable to live in the style of a luxurious life they deserve, it is also estimated romantic and people romantics dramatically, also would expect to be a center for the world of someone, giving the person who loves him the same treatment property, and must be the man that the flaws accept and admiration for its characteristics with it was, as she does not like to compete for love and want to explain its role in the life of her partner, while with regard to places like they had always enjoy visiting the theater, or art museum, or a luxury restaurant. [2]

Famous Lion Tower

George Bernard Shaw, and Bill Clinton, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dustin Hoffman, and Simon Bolivar, and Jacqueline Kennedy, and George Hamilton, and Fidel Castro, and Robert De Niro, and Mai and Ast, Napoleon Bonaparte, Alfred Hitchcock, Robert Redford, and Madonna. [7]


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