Learning Arabic language for young

Learning Arabic language for young


I have honored God Almighty Arabic in the Koran, while making the first verse was revealed from the Koran is "read", it has served as a divine tribute to the language daad, and Arabic is one of the most common languages ​​and common in the world, characterized as the language of the Koran and language to communicate with Our Lord during prayer, and here arose the need to pay attention to the education of young Arabic language to be able to use them properly, and to encourage our children to the hobby of reading and reading from an early age, and the need to teach young people to work on a range of important points that we will look to in this article.

Methods of teaching Arabic young

  • In the first stages of teaching Arabic language for children should emphasize the importance of correct teaching children ways to pronounce the letters, and the pronunciation of abstract movements and with it, the correct pronunciation of the exits, and by the way to pronounce and not by the name of the character. Can be used many ways to improve children's word and music videos such as using Ntgahm, and some children can adopt television programs that pronounce the Arabic language correct ways.
  • You must start the boots for children on how to write the letters in the right way, and to emphasize the importance of knowing the child's character and way of linking them according to their location in the first word in the word or the middle or end.
  • Start by giving the child a few simple words and easy to work on writing and emphasize the child's ability to read the words and analysis to the alphabet.
  • Expansion by giving the child characters and their relationship to tide movements, aperture and Vibrio and Kasra, and educated way chopping words into sections depending on how they are spoken.
  • Encourage the child to spell words, must start simple words, and then raise the level of difficulty with each time to increase the child's ability to read the words in their own way and with the right movements.
  • You can also use software different educational Internet that works on children's characters are fun and interesting ways and teaching sites containing colors and movements, and encourages the child to read different words that the child watched in the markets and on television.
  • Encourage the child to read different comics, and then ask him to formulate the events of the story in classical Arabic and in his own way, so as to impart the language skills needed to upgrade its ability to dialogue.

Finally, it must be emphasized on the role of the kindergarten and school is important in a child's Arabic language teaching in an interesting and enjoyable to make it permanently enjoy, and keep him out of boredom even learn Arabic language properly and properly away from the aversion and lack of desire to constantly learn her, and consolidate love of Arabic language among our children from an early age.


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