Judgment for honesty

Judgment for honesty

Of the most beautiful statements that have been said in honesty:

  • Said Abu Bakr, may Allah be pleased with him when failures to succeed: (O people, I have and I wish you, and I am not Boukerkm, the well done Voaenoni, and mispronounce Vqmona, the secretariat of honesty, lying betrayal) [2132] Narrated by al-Tabari in ((date)) (3 / 210), and the son of the ether in ((full)) (2/192). .
  • Omar said: (not the fact that Abdul finds faith, so let rightfully mirrors, and let lying in jest, and he sees that if he wished defeated) [2133] ((kindergarten wise)) Ibn Haban (p. 55).
  • And Abdullah bin Amr said: (throwing what I'm not him in something, do not pronounce while not concern you, and Remember Me tongue as stored Drihamk) [2134] Narrated by al in ((people)) (7/66) (4653), and Ibn ( (kindergarten wise)) (55).
  • Ibn Abbas, may Allah be pleased with them in the verse: Tlpsoa not the truth with falsehood [al-Baqarah: 42]: (ie do not confuse honesty lying) [2135] Narrated by al-Tabari in ((interpreted)) (1/568).
  • And Ismail bin Obeid-Allah said: (Abdul Malik bin Marwan was telling me that becomes junub sons margarine, and it was telling me not to feed the food until they leave the stool [2136] stool: the place space from the remote earth wide. See: ((San Arabs)) Ibn perspective (5/309)., and he says, aware of the sons of honesty as you learn the Koran, and Junbhm lie, and where such and such means murder) [2137] ((kindergarten wise)) Abu Hatem Basti (p. 51).
  • Memon said Maimonides (who knew the truth may lie, and knew of lying is not permissible for charity) [2138] ((eyes News)) Ibn Qutaiba (2/27).
  • Said Fadhil bin Ayaz: (no quid love to God from San Sadok, and the most hateful to God mudghah from San mendacious) [2139] ((kindergarten wise)) Abu Hatem Basti (p. 52).
  • They said: (of honor honesty that the owner believes the enemy) [2140] ((eyes News)) Ibn Qutaiba (2/26).
  • He said Ahnaf to his son: (O my son, is enough of honor honesty, that sincere accept as saying in his enemy, and lowliness lying, that the liar does not accept as saying in his friend and enemy, everything Ornament, Ornament logic honesty; indicates moderation mind weight) [2141 ((Nihayat in the arts of literature)) for Noara (3/224).
  • Said Ibrahim Properties: (see sincere not only to impose a play, or preferred to work in it) [2142] ((runways)) Ibn values ​​(3/20).
  • It was: (three unmistakable sincere: sweetness, navigation and prestige) [2143] ((runways)) Ibn values ​​(3/20).
  • Said Abu Hatem: (honesty raises one in the Hereafter as lying airs in both cases, even if the truth was not a lock evil; but if one knew before the lie, and became honest when to hear it; it would be a wise man to reach his effort in the sport of his tongue straightened up his honesty, lying edgewise, and forbid at times better than the pronunciation; because all the words of its owner erred position, Valaa better than) [2144] ((kindergarten wise)) (p. 54).
  • Junaid said: (honesty fact: to believe in the home not only save you from him lying) [2145] ((runways)) Ibn values ​​(3/20).
  • He Kenite: (believe in young what hurt me, to believe in what senior benefit me) [2146] ((eyes News)) Ibn Qutaiba (2/28).
  • Some rhetoricians: (sincere Jalil maintained, and false Mahan servile). Some writers: (no sword such as the right, nor Aoun, such as sincerity) [2147] ((world literature and religion)) to Maurdi (p. 270). .
  • Some of them said: (who did not lead the permanent imposition did not accept him imposition of temporary, it was: and the imposition of permanent? Said: honesty, it was said: Who asked God's truth gave him a mirror sighting in which right and wrong, and said: you where afraid of the truth that it will harm you; it will benefit you, and let lying where you see that it will benefit you; it hurt, and it was said: what Omlq [2148] Omlq man, he is Mmlq if lacking. ((San Arabs)) (10/348). merchant Sadok) [2149] ((runways)) Ibn values (3/22). .
  • (Narrated that Balala did not lie since the safest, bringing some of envy, he said: Today Okzbh Vcyrh, he said to him: O Bilal what age your mare? Said bone, he said: What Jarayeh? Said: attending 2150] Urban: high horse in his enemy . ((dictionary ocean)) (p. 376). what could, he said: where is down? he said, where I put my feet, he said, son of you? Ibn Abi said my mother, he said: how come you? he said: nights and days, God knows then, he said, crying to the moon, you defied Hillete, what tired after the day never) [2151] ((Nihayat in the arts of literature)) for Noara (3/225).


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