Judgment and across

Judgment and across

Praise be to God, prayer and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him the best land, but after, God, we have graciously exit judgment from the mouths of the prophets and the righteous, this was their habit of God inspires them the right thing to say and work to show us after judgment is evident and clear, so let my brother Karim to dive in the sea and extract from it pearls and coral.

Greens say Prophet peace be upon him (Be Bassama and not Dhaka, do not walk to GaGa and no need not tired for their sins Ktaiin and weep for your sins)

Our Master Zine El Abidine if he wants to pray face Yellows for fear of God, says one predecessor if you want to know thy God see where Oqamk, says Ibn Taymiyah God's mercy that the heart is dancing for joy, the remembrance of God, also says Thanksgiving is the Keeper of the Yes current fetcher future Yes , says one predecessor Allah is the faith factory.

Prophet Ali may Allah be pleased with him says:

1. (even unable Sosber patience for Sabri, Sosber Rahman even look at my command, Sosber even knows patience is something that I am patient on the order of patience)

2. I wear your brother on the disadvantages, Aster Ouguet on his sins.

3. If the world turns on one of the other pros borrowed, and if it Odbert plundered Pros himself.

4. Astgn who desired not his, and protested to the desired not captive, and to the best of you like Not a princess.

5. Three inherited three: activity inherited riches, laziness inherited poverty, gluttony inherited the disease.

6. The value of what you improve it.

7. covers defects, one frequent money, believing in what he said, a liar.

8. friend of honesty rather than honesty.

9. I can not people from the inability to gain the Brotherhood, and I can not it missed from the fingernail by them.

10. If people are asleep died aware.

11. not an orphan father died ... The orphan's orphan science and literature.

12. not misfortune nowadays screamed ... but its safety wonder impressed.

13. The boy who says here I am ... not the boy who says it was my father.

14. Beware of a fool authentication, he wants to benefit you Vidhark.

15. People had contact Bolsntekm and your bodies, and your hearts and your work Zaalohm.

16. parsimony shame, cheese taking out, and the widow stranger in his hometown, and the scourge of disability, patience Courage, and a wealth of asceticism.

17. If you can defeat your enemy, so make his pardon thanks to the ability of it.

18. your friend and your enemy has forbidden from Ograk.

19. People humiliated Apologizer to Varmint.

20. Weird poverty at home, and the rich homeland in exile.

21. Best of righteousness: generosity in hardship, honesty in anger, and pardon when estimated.

22. The worst-off people who do not trust anyone ill he thinks, does not trust him one of the bad impact.

23. Who was his main concern was what enters his stomach value what comes out of it.

24. If your friend Gshk please change with your enemy.

25. San rational behind his heart, and the heart of a fool behind his tongue.

26. most of the scourge gloating enemies.

27. In many of bantered was not spared from disparagement him or hate him.

28. Small bone calamities God tests him Bkabarha.

29. Beware of the Charge of the Holy If hungered, and Varmint if satiation.

30. Huan of the world to God that he does not disobey, but where do not get what he has only Leaving them.

31. chastity Accessories poverty, thanks Accessories rich.

32. had to be nerve, let it be Tasbkm for good morals and Mhamed acts.

33. From did not trust him not documented.

34. Because a free slave to his servants better than to be a slave to his desires.

35 astshr dvk mrh ltlm davth volumes.

36. Patience Sberan: patience on what you hate, and the patience of what you love.

37. Valentines was weird.

38. Do not look at the said, and look at what he said.

39. People of fear of humiliation in humiliation.

40. If you put someone up of him to expect a place you without your destiny.

41. After a little hardship Esber facilitate ... and ordered him time and measure.

42- 1 zrb some ALR bbz ytvld curt correct.

Sentenced Luqman Sayings:

O my son! God erg Please do not secured it aversive, and feared God, fear not despair of the mercy. O my son! More than to say: Lord, forgive me, the hour in which God means not given. O my son! The work is not only canned certainty, and weakens the certainty weakens his work. O my son! If the devil comes to you by suspicion and mistrust Vogelbh certainty, and if it comes to you by mentioning the grave toxic Vogelbh and resurrection, and if it comes to you by the desire and dread that told him the world paradox left. O my son! Taken a piety trade, it comes to you profit from non-merchandise. O my son! Beware of lying, it is delicious things like the bird, what a little Frizzles owner. O my son! Do not eat on the Shebaa satiation, you Talga that good for the dog to eat. O my son! Do not be sweet Vthbla, nor bitter Vtlfez. O my son! Do not delay repentance, death comes suddenly. O my son! Fear God, and do not see the people you fear God and your heart Ickramok so licentious. O my son! What I regretted never silence, though talk of silver was the silence of gold. O my son! Retired as evil Iatzlk, the evil of evil creation. O my son! Let you high vigor in the request for Paradise and determination of martyrdom for the sake of God. O my son! Select the boards on the eye, if you see the Council reminds God Almighty in which I sat with them, you tack a world that will benefit your knowledge and that tack Aaaa teach you, and inform them of God's mercy Tsbk with them. O my son! I saw you the banner focused right Rabatk in the way of Allah is better than the best in the world. O my son! Yourself down the status of your no need for him and must you from it. O my son! The wisdom seated needy councils Kings. O my son! Sitting scientists Zahmanm Barakpetk, God gives life to the dead hearts as the light of wisdom revives the earth dead with a barrage of heaven. O my son! Forbear, which comes out of you, what Salem was silent, but you should say what benefit you. O my son! I went down to the minimum since Astdbernha other received, you are to go toured closer than you house them spacing. O my son! Beware of religion, it is the day their humiliation night. O my son! Do not eat your food, but pious, and consultation in order sages. O my son! Of gold lie water and his face, and many evil created his chagrin. O my son! The transfer of rocks from their positions easier than explaining to those who do not understand. O my son! I know that jihad pinnacle of Islam.

The first thing that emerged from his wisdom: that he was with his master, and his master's toilet Votal sit, and called out Luqman: The length of sitting on the need Tndja than liver, inherited hemorrhoid, and climb the heat to the head, Vaqad Hunya and then, went his master, wrote his wisdom on the door of the toilet, and it was said : his master was gambling, and was on the river door neighbor, he played that day DiCE from the moon accompanied by drinking water in the whole river or redeemed him! Pedr Mr. Lukman, said to him Alqamr: What drink in the river and only Vavtd it! He said: Redemption two semesters? He said: your eyes Ovqohma or all of what owns? He said: Give me on this, he said, you so.

Utterly bleak sad, as he received Luqman was carrying firewood on his back and greet his master and then put him and returned to his master, and the master if he saw the futility of him shall hear from him wise word Vijb him, and when he sat down to him, said to his master: What do I see a bleak sad? Turned away from his second like that, he said to him, turned away from him and then told him the third like that turned away from him, he said to him: Tell me so perhaps you have Faraga? Began to tell him the story, he said to him Luqman: Do not you have Tgtm the Faraga, he said: What is it? He said: If Attac man said to you drink what in the river, tell him drink between the two shores of the river or the tide? It will tell you to drink between the two shores, if you said it to him, tell me hold my tide even drink between the two shores, it can not be locked up for you tide, and has emerged, which guaranteed him, he knew that his master had ratified Aftapt himself, Voatgah.

And his wisdom as narrated by Ibn Jarir told us a son and Kia, told us my father, from Abu Ashab, Khaled interquartile said, was Luqman slave Hbshia carpenter, said to him, his master: Slay us these sheep Vzbhaa, he said: go out best Amadgtin them, waving the tongue and heart, Fmkt what God then said: Slay us these sheep Vzbhaa, he said: remove the most insidious Amadgtin in, waving the tongue and heart, his master said to him: I have commanded you to best out Amadgtin where Vokhrjtahma, and I commanded that the most insidious Amadgtin where Vokhrjtahma graduated, he said Luqman: It is not something Best of them if Taba, and the most insidious of them if devious.

In the end, Tabassum, my brother, God Maokhz only to give you what he Aptlak but I love you and Obkak only Idgk and Ahramk only Atqdil you.


We regret it!

Successfully sent, thank you!

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