Judgment about morality

Judgment about morality

Some of the words that have been said in ethics:

If one does not desecrate from meanness display every robe worn by beautiful

People are purer ones with good manners

I know people in God Ordahm what God has for him

Feel disgusted about what Ogillk what Oarzak

Best generosity tender before the deadline

Virtue kinsmen first (interview)

Arrogance over the arrogant humility

Dream Master ethics

Evidencing good as actors

Animal offender reproach

Sharif If piety and humility debased if you grow stronger

Honesty piety guide

Honesty and lying improves the lad is calculated from the disadvantages

Admonition is better than hatred

Admonitions Soap Heart

Chastity Unbeatable Army

Forgiveness when

Riches in the hands of Varmint ugly nastiness as much as decent in the impoverished

What credit saw its enemies

A good example is better than advice

A good example is better than a commandment

Lying and honesty medicine disease

Karim Akram al-Ahrar

Holy wrongs of it and underneath it darkens Varmint

Eat a good believer like a bee and put a good

One's morality transcends mentioned

clean is from belief

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