Is the water reduces the weight

Is the water reduces the weight


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Water is 71% of the planet, and about 60% of the human body, water is a human blood components up rate to 90%, and is essential to the kidneys, and other body functions, it should be noted that the water loses from the body during daily movement; Through sweating, urination, and even when you breathe, and it requires a constant compensation, drinking water is either from the tap or from bottles are the best source of fluids in the body, with other drinks containing caffeine; Who owns income-generating properties of urine, causing the loss of more fluid, and can drink water instead of soft drinks to help reduce weight; Because it does not contain calories. [1]

Benefits of water to lose weight

Long believed; The water helps to lose weight, and at the present time many studies have shown that it can drink large amounts of water to help you lose weight, through: [2]

  • Help to burn calories: as most of the studies suggest that drinking one's share of water; Which is equivalent to 0.5 liters, increases the burning of calories in the body, known regardless of energy during rest (in English: Resting energy expenditure), and in the research conducted on a group of women who suffer from overweight, the researchers found that increasing the amount of water consumed for more than liters per day, raising the weight lost by two kilograms within 12 months despite that they are women did not in any change in the lifestyle that Aashnh only increase the amount of water consumed, has been spotted several other studies, a significant decrease in weight, body mass index, waist circumference, fat, when a group people who are overweight have to drink a liter and a half liters of water a day for a few weeks, it is worth mentioning that the consumption of cold water makes the body uses more energy to even warmed up to body temperature.
  • Reduce appetite: where studies have been conducted on the elderly showed that he can drink water before a meal to increase weight loss by two kilograms over 12 weeks, and in another study of people in the age of the average overweight, and obesity have drinking water before eat a meal, and the result was that they lost 44% of excess weight compared with people who did not drink the water, and another study showed that drinking water before breakfast reduced the amount of calories consumed during the day by 13%.

Other benefits of water

Can body dehydration become infected when they do not even intake of water to him with the outside of it, it is worth mentioning that the loss of fluid from the body increases in people who reside in the warmer areas, and during aerobic exercise performance and high density, and in the highlands, and when advancing age, here are some benefits that emphasizes the importance of drinking enough water: [3] [4] [1]

  • Maintains brain health: where significantly develop hydration is affected by the body, as studies have shown that in cases of class simple dry body weaken many of the functions of the brain, as the results of a study of young women who lost fluids by 1.36% after the exercise of aerobic exercise showed , so that the effect of the weakening of concentration, spoiling the mood, in addition to the recurrence of headaches.
  • It helps to prevent headaches and treatment: as the drought may cause injury to both headaches and migraines in some people, and several studies have shown that water can reduce headaches in people with drought, but this may depend on this type of headache, I also found a study of 18 people that there is no effect of water on the recurrence of headaches, but to reduce the severity and duration of infection slightly.
  • Reduces constipation: where is one of the problems that afflict the digestive system, as described this case the few bowel movement, difficulty in passing stool, so it is advisable to drink fluids as part of the treatment plan, may be considered low water consumption risk factor for injury constipated when both young, and the elderly.
  • Helps to treat kidney stones: they know kidney stones as blocks of mineral crystals that form in the urinary tract, where limited evidence available that water may help prevent the recurrence of form stones in people who were previously, and increased fluid intake raises the amount of urine passing through the kidneys, and reduces the concentration of minerals, and therefore it reduces the likelihood of gravel and form crystallized.
  • It promotes healthy skin: it can dryness and lack of fluid in the body to make skin more susceptible to skin disorders, and the appearance of wrinkles early.
  • Regulates body temperature: as this process is the water rise located in the middle layer of the skin to the surface of the skin in the form of sweat in the case of high body temperature, but when evaporation it causes the cooler body, some scientists have suggested that the presence of small amounts of fluid in the body increases store heat in the body, thereby reducing its ability to withstand heat stress.
  • It softens the joints: where the cartilage in the joints contain, and between the spine about 80% of water, it should be noted that the drought may reduce the joint ability to absorb shocks, resulting in injury pain in the long run.
  • Kidney helps to perform its function: where the movement of body fluids waste to and from cells, considered substance nitrogen blood urea (in English: Blood urea nitrogen) of the most toxic substances commonly used in the body, and that the substance of waste dissolved in water, making it able to pass during the college excreted in the urine, and in the case of obtaining a sufficient amount of fluid, the flow of urine from the body is easier, and has a lighter color, and free of odors, while in cases of lack of drinking water, the body is more likely to be kidney stones; Especially in warm weather. [3]


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