Is salt raises pressure

Is salt raises pressure


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  • 3 effect of salt on the body's organs
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the salt

Usually referred to as the salt content on the amount of sodium; It is located element in almost all foods, naturally found in many of them, and added to each other during the manufacturing process, and is used as a spice in homes and restaurants, the sodium component of food essential and is considered must obtain appropriate to maintain quantities on the health of the body and to function properly, it should be pointed out that consumption amounts exceed the recommended limit can lead to infection with many health problems. [1]

Salt relationship to lift pressure

Reducing the amount of salt consumed per day is one way to reduce high blood pressure, usually it consumes people very large salt, which comes mostly from fast food, canned foods, it is worth mentioning that salt intake increases the retention of body fluids, which increases the possibility of high blood pressure by increasing the volume of blood, and increases the workload on the heart, and can prevent high blood pressure by reducing the amount of sodium, and get adequate amounts of potassium; An element that helps the kidneys to remove excess fluid from the body, as there are some factors that can not be controlled to adjust the high blood pressure; Such as age, genetic factor, and while clarifying comes to some of the factors that affect blood pressure: [2]

  • Genetic factor: Since the sodium excessively consumption is not the only reason for high blood pressure; Where genetics play a big role in that, so how blood pressure in response to the high amounts of salt is determined genetically; Depending on the race; For example, increase the likelihood of injury to African-Americans blood pressure when eating high-salt food.
  • Age: where age significantly affects blood pressure, and with age increases the likelihood of developing high blood pressure caused by eating a large amount of salt, as it decreases the ability of the kidneys to function, which increases the difficulty of the secretion of excess salt out of the body.
  • Other factors: There are several factors that affect high blood pressure, is the most important; Excess weight, lack of exercise.

The effect of salt on the body's organs

Salt can cause increased fluid storage in the body, and thus high stress on the kidneys, arteries, heart, and brain, while clarifying comes to the effect of excess salt on the members of the body: [3]

  • Kidney: where the kidneys remove excess fluid through the blood filter, are the process by delicate balance between sodium and potassium, with salt intake in large quantities leads to the destruction of this balance, which reduces the kidney's ability to remove excess fluid, and raises blood pressure, increases stress on the fine blood vessels leading to the kidneys, and with the passage of time can increase the risk of kidney disease.
  • Arteries: where can induced hypertension leads from eating salt in large quantities to increase the pressure inside the arteries, and to overcome the stress becomes small muscles in the walls of the arteries stronger and thicker, which reduces the area inside the arteries and increases high blood pressure, can lead to an increase in blood pressure, it is worth mentioning that these changes occur slowly, over time, an explosion may occur in the arteries, or they are completely plugged.
  • Heart: where can high blood pressure resulting leads from eating excess salt to the arteries leading to damage to the heart, causing it initially angina, and with the passage of time can a person is exposed to heart attack as a result of the lack of oxygen, and nutrients needed by the heart to work properly .
  • Brain: where can high blood pressure resulting leads from eating excess salt to arterial damage leading to the brain, may cause slight decrease in the amount of blood reaching the brain to the incidence of dementia vascular (English: Vascular dementia), and with the passage of time can catch a person's stroke brain, leading to the loss of the ability to carry out the functions controlled by the brain.

The recommended amount of salt

Nutritional information table located on the labels of food recommended percentage of the amount of shows out of sodium, and are considered foods that contain 5% or less is low in sodium; It is the foods that are recommended by choice, and while clarifying the recommended amount of salt comes out: [4]

  • It recommends dietary guidelines to avoid more than 2,300 milligrams of sodium per day consumption; Which is about a teaspoon of table salt, usually food labels show the amount of sodium instead of salt; This is because the element sodium in salt is the most impact on human health.
  • Guidelines recommend limiting sodium consumption to 1500 milligrams of sodium per day for people with high blood pressure, adults and people in the middle-aged, older, but there are exceptions to these principles for people who put their health care provider diet containing less or quantities more depending on their health status.

Tips to reduce salt intake

Can reduce the amount of salt consumed per day by following a set of tips, including: [5]

  • Eating fresh foods: they are considered most fresh fruits and vegetables are naturally low in sodium, and contain fresh meat on the amount of sodium compared with less processed meat; Calcjq, meat and bacon, so it is advisable to buy fresh meat, poultry or frozen that have not been injected with a solution containing sodium.
  • Choose low-sodium products: It is recommended to choose foods that have a low mark sodium (in English: Low sodium) in the case of processed foods consumption, and buy rice preferred pasta from whole grains rather than products containing spices added.
  • Limit the use of some types of sauces: they typically contain soy sauce, ketchup, mustard and salad dressings, and other species on the high amount of sodium.
  • Use salt alternatives: some salt substitutes or light salts contain a mixture of salt and other compounds, also contains many salt substitutes potassium chloride; Although the potassium may help to alleviate some of the problems caused by excessive sodium intake; However, it may be harmful when consumed in large quantities.
  • The use of spices: where you can use fresh herbs and spices to give delicious flavor, and to reduce the amount of salt in food; Such as the use curry, turmeric, cinnamon, apple vinegar and sage, and paprika, thyme, and others. [6]

Tips for lowering blood pressure

The high blood pressure serious condition, showing the following points set of tips to reduce pressure naturally: [7]

  • Walking and exercise regularly.
  • Reduce the amount of caffeine intake.
  • Relieve stress through meditation, deep breathing.
  • Quit Smoking.
  • Avoid sugar and refined carbohydrates.
  • Eating foods that help reduce blood pressure; Paper as vegetables, beetroot, Altuteat, oats, bananas, and fatty fish, garlic, pomegranate, and dark chocolate. [8]
  • Read food labels to see products of sodium content. [9]
  • Free choice of spices and spices from Alsoyom; Such as the use of garlic powder. [9]


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