Installation method of tile

Installation method of tile

Roof tile

Every human being keen when building his house on exquisitely designed and master, and the appearance of the most beautiful appearance. It houses that indicate the taste of the owners of these high-roofed brick, Fterba brick house on top of it lends a special touch of sophistication and creativity. The tile is made from clay, which is prepared in special furnaces so, and then shot coating, copper and sand. It has many colors and that is customary to use the red of it, in addition to its advantage aesthetic hath many benefits, including the sun and its heat radiation response and give the house cool in the summer, and protection from the rain in the winter, which lasts for years and maintains its color. It can be used for the surface of the house or windows or balconies, and issued tile from many countries such as Spain, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Portugal, China, Italy, and the finest Italian tile is a tile.

How is the installation of tiles

  • Initially chosen stones brick in terms of color, shape, and the appropriate size of the surface, which will be built upon, and many brick types each of which form distinctive from the other, there are types of cylindrical shape, and other types divided by halves in the form of boxes.
  • Choose the pieces of thermal insulation appropriate size.
  • Prepare metal columns (structure) on the surface so that the thickness of the column about seven mm, and the distance between the column and the other about three meters.
  • Installation of Alasoarh on the chassis.
  • Installation of metal structure, so that the distance of about seventy cm between each rib and another.
  • The installation of tarpaulin brick insulation so that Arthall be about two meters.
  • Swedish wood installation CLOTH so that the thickness of 2.5 cm, and the installation of a Swedish wood so that the thickness of 2.5 cm.
  • Install wood base screws Bulad.
  • Is divided aconite, and if aconite distance between Italy and the other about Bishah thirty-five cm.
  • Tile installed on the chassis and install nails, and then the story in line with the structure.
  • Dig the corresponding façade of the CLOTH wooden Swedish, and installation of tin insulator shaped cutlets so that it is half cm thick.
  • Mediated by cement and soil are installed fezzes.
  • It is isolated fezzes roof Gharib.
  • Is divided Alasoarh for the installation of decoration accidentally, so that the thickness of one and a half mm.
  • The division of a distance equivalent to seventy cm.
  • Install aconite thickness 2.5 mm.
  • Installation of wood so that the thickness of about thirteen mm in line with the steel structure.
  • It is painted wood hot oil.
  • Installed electrical wiring as preferred by the owner of the house.
  • It covers the columns of its own wood, and painted iron Ziati color desired.


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