Insomnia and pregnancy

Insomnia and pregnancy


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Insomnia during pregnancy

It can be defined as insomnia (in English: Insomnia) as the face of difficulty sleeping, or continue it, or both problems at once, and is insomnia of common health problems in pregnancy, with an estimated proportion of pregnant women who suffer from insomnia, including approximately 78%, although the likelihood of suffering a pregnant insomnia at any stage of pregnancy, but the problem is more common in the first third and last third of it, and it should be a statement that the suffering from insomnia in the first trimester of pregnancy does not interfere with frequent sleep or feeling very sleepy also during this period, Although women's ability to sleep during this phase, but the quality of her sleep decreases significantly, in addition to Astiqazaa sooner than usual, leading to a feeling of fatigue during the day as well. [1] [2]

Causes of insomnia during pregnancy

The hormonal disorders during the early stages of pregnancy one of the most important causes of suffering from insomnia during this period; Which leads the high rate of progesterone (in English: Progesterone) to feel sleepy during the day, which the parent pays the carrier to take a nap during the day, making it difficult to sleep at night, and leads the feeling of nausea during this stage and increase the number of times urination that may awaken women during night several times to contribute to the problem of insomnia during pregnancy, and there are many other reasons that may lead to the risk of insomnia during this stage of pregnancy and other stages, and among them the following: [3] [4]

  • Digestion problems: they lead to hormonal changes during pregnancy to relax the muscles of the digestive system, which increases the chance of reflux of stomach acid into the esophagus and suffering from heartburn, as these changes lead to a reduction of the speed of digestion, which in turn leads to increase the proportion of form gases and the feeling of bloating, difficulty sleeping .
  • Back pain: With the increase in abdominal size moves the center of gravity of the pregnant woman forward, which increases the voltage actually on the back muscles and thus feeling pregnant back pain, as the result of hormonal changes during pregnancy to loosen the ligaments in the body, which increases the chance of exposure to a back injury as well, this is what causes the carrier to face difficulty sleeping.
  • Shortness of breath: in terms of increasing the size of the uterus and abdomen lead to increased pressure on the lungs as a result of pushing the diaphragm, and this entails the suffering of pregnant difficulty breathing, and that this problem causes that may lead to insomnia, in addition to that can narrow cause breathing during sleep apnea is known as sleepwalking (English: sleep apnea).
  • Psychological anxiety: the pregnant women suffer from anxiety and thinking about many different things during pregnancy, and this may in turn prevents them from being able to easily and suffering from insomnia to sleep.

Treatment of insomnia during pregnancy

There are several tips and possible ways to help alleviate the problem of insomnia and improvement of the quality of sleep during pregnancy, and in some of which the statement follows: [1] [5]

  • Follow the sleep habits of health: it helps to follow a special a routine sleep to get rid of the problem of insomnia such as setting a fixed time to sleep, exercise routine activities before bedtime to stimulate the brain to feel sleepy when approaching bedtime, and care must be taken to wake up at a specific time each morning, even in holidays; Some studies have shown that waking up at a specific time each day has a significant impact in helping to get rid of the problem of insomnia, can also eat a cup of hot milk before bedtime to help you feel sleepy, or shower while avoiding the use of hot water, it should be noted the need to avoid the use of mobile or television before going to sleep because of its negative impact on the problem of insomnia, can be replaced by reading a useful book.
  • A healthy diet: helps eating diets healthy eating slowly to avoid suffering from heartburn that increase the problem of insomnia worse, and this is advised to eat diets rich in protein to help maintain blood sugar within normal limits, and care must be taken to avoid eating before bedtime only if you feel hungry, and in this case can get a meal only light, as it should be noted the need to avoid eating beverages containing caffeine, especially in the evening, which leads to the face of difficulty to sleep level, and despite the need to maintain on the body moisture and get sufficient amounts of water and liquids, but it is necessary to reduce the amount of fluid intake before bedtime to avoid waking up several times at night to enter the bathroom.
  • Sleep convenient status: where care must be taken to take a comfortable position during sleep, and is advised to sleep on one of the ribs, especially during the last trimester of pregnancy, it helps to protect the fetus and reduce the risk of exposure to complications, and can put a pillow behind the back, between the knees and under the abdomen to feel more rest while sleeping on the side.
  • Relax: It can practice meditation exercises, or exercises and other relaxation techniques to help relax the body and feeling sleepy.
  • Distracting thinking: where you should not stay in bed when you are not feeling sleepy or when you think about things that prevent the ability to relax and sleep, and in this case can rise from the bed and the practice of one of the other activities, such as reading a particular book, which helps to distract thinking and feeling sleepy.


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